xSky Software Reviewed

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 30 2011 | Comments (41)
Once again, this is my personal views on this software. If you have a different view, please let me know by leaving a comment.


Posted by Blain | On: Apr 27 2011 | Comments (15)
Thought I would do a video blog post today, hope you enjoy!

Why Is Having A Budget Important?

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 21 2011 | Comments (7)
Just like anything else in this life, you need to have a plan of attack, and inside that plan you need a budget. (Mostly so you can still pay the bills at home while trying to get started.) When I got started online, I didn’t really have a budget at all....

“Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 15 2011 | Comments (13)
Yeah, its true. Aside from winning the lottery and someone giving you a million dollars. It is basically impossible to make a ton of money overnight. The biggest problem that I see today, is all these people coming out with new products saying that you can make...

Sweeva Comments

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 13 2011 | Comments (38)
Just though I would put up a video splash about some of the comments I have gotten at Sweeva. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! To Go To Sweeva Click HERE Hopefully, if you put the comments mentioned above on my splash pages, you can take my advice...

Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing!

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 12 2011 | Comments (4)
So, I am sitting in on an impromptu meeting at Traffic-Exchange-Live and Jon Olson say’s “Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing”. I believe this is true for the simple fact that all Internet Marketer’s seem to care about anymore...

Making Money With Traffic Exchanges Isn’t Rocket Science!

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 11 2011 | Comments (5)
It’s true. You don’t need to know rocket science to make money with traffic exchanges.  If you have been struggling to find a way to make some money online, don’t fret, there are thousands of people just like you (along with myself not so long...