Two Posts In One Day… Must Be Important…..

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 29 2016 | Comments (10)
Well here is my second post today. Enjoy and leave comments!!

Questions For All You Surfers Out There

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 29 2016 | Comments (2)
Another video post from me today. Just wanting to know whether or not you use banner and text advertising in traffic exchanges and how much CTP XP would it take for you to come to me.

Why Do You Surf At A Specific Traffic Exchange?

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 28 2016 | Comments (7)
Another video blog post for you to enjoy! As always please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts and opinions!

I Did Some Surfing Today….

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 27 2016 | Comments (16)
Today is a video blog post, so just click play and then leave your comments below!

Well Here We Go Again…

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 25 2016 | Comments (5)
Well Well Well…. This is my first post in a while it seems. Sorry for the delay, I have been caught up doing stuff in some countries across the world. It may be a little bit longer before I am fully back into the swing of things, but I am on my way. read...