You Jelly Bro?

It is now time for me to vent and rant….

There have been quite a few people talking bad about me. Which I personally enjoy, because if you are talking about me, then my brand is growing!!

What I have realized is the reason everyone is talking about me. I left the industry for a few years and came back out of nowhere and am in your face and in everyone’s face. read more

April Top 10 Advertising Resources

Below you can see my advertising resources, the number of hits received, unique percentage, number of conversions, and percentage for the month of April 2016. Hits tracked are from our promotions to SiteXplosion and tePays. A conversion is counted as a signup to that specific site. Unique percentage is overall unqiue for the month validated by IP. The lower the unique value, the more saturated we have made our advertising at that site for the month. read more

How To Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?

The question is asked so often and answered just as much, but the action is never really taken. Traffic exchanges are simple easy-to-use systems that allow you to get people viewing your website in return for you viewing theirs. But there is a lot of misconception as to whether or not it is "targeted" or "junk-traffic" or if people even buy from using them.