It Is Time To Take Action

Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again for little to no results?

Are you tired of seeing everything going on and feeling like you can’t succeed?

Are you just tired of not making the money you have wanted to make online with traffic exchanges? read more

Shiny Object!

I see it time and time again. Shiny Object Syndrome. It is a horrible problem and doesn’t help anyone.

You have probably heard it before. Stick with a core program. Build Your List. Promote from your list. read more

We’ve Been Doing Some Work

As you know, we have been in the middle of updating and upgrading SiteXplosion to give all of our members a better experience. But we also just finished the first phase of TE Banners.

We have simplified the site so the focus is on getting your the banner advertising you deserve. There are no more upgrades or extra ways for us to make money. We have lowered prices and the only thing you can purchase is Banner Impressions. read more

March Top 10 Advertising Resources

After talking with Scott Rohn on skype, I’m gonna piggy back off of what he did. If you’re interested in his post, you can check it out here: Scott Rohn’s Blog.

Below you can see my advertising resources, the number of hits received, unique percentage, number of conversions, and percentage. This is strictly for promoting SiteXplosion. This tracker contains every splashpage that we use at the site and results from each page vary. read more

Last Chance For Free Access…

This is your last chance to become a beta tester and get free access. Refer to my notes from my previous post for all the details:

I am looking for some beta testers for a project of mine. If you are interested, please send me a skype, my username is blainjones1 read more

I’m looking for a designer

Yep, I need someone to do custom designs for me. I am posting this because I have had no luck.

So if you know someone that does custom design or if you are doing it but on the lowkey or maybe you just don’t think you are good enough yet. Send me a message on Skype. read more

STOP Promoting Someone Else

If you are promoting something in traffic exchanges, safelists, etc… STOP. PERIOD.

If you are not promoting you and your business or list, then you are WRONG.

If you own a program of any kind promote it. Do you promote someone elses program or product because it is easier to get referrals there than at your own site? Then take a look at your site and figure out what is wrong. read more