This Crow is Smarter Than You and I Combined….

Yeah… So, I fancy myself a fairly smart person. And I do not know the exact amount of time that it took this bird to complete everything. But, I do think that the bird did it faster than I probably could have. In fact, I think it may have done it faster than a a couple or even a group of people could have done. Watch the video below, and let me know what you think.

3 Replies to “This Crow is Smarter Than You and I Combined….”

  1. Hi Blain I watched this crow video again today and it just made me smile a bigger and bigger smile as I watched him perform such a complex activity!!! Rip needs to watch this video. He and I joke about crows allot. I have been teaching Rip about their intelligence. 🙂 Big Hugs Blain.

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