“Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH

Yeah, its true. Aside from winning the lottery and someone giving you a million dollars. It is basically impossible to make a ton of money overnight.

The biggest problem that I see today, is all these people coming out with new products saying that you can make money quickly online. “All you have to do is copy this, and you can be rich too!” I am tired of that crap. What it takes to make a decent living online, is the same that it takes to make a decent living offline. Hard work and dedication. read more

Sweeva Comments

Just though I would put up a video splash about some of the comments I have gotten at Sweeva. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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Hopefully, if you put the comments mentioned above on my splash pages, you can take my advice and we can learn from each other and help one another out! read more