The Importance Of A Good Design

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 11 2014 | Comments (3)
Your website is the hub of your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company whether your company exists physically or not.

Open In New Window

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 04 2014 | Comments (1)
I have been checking out a lot of blogs this past week. And in doing that, I have been clicking on a bunch of the links on the blogs that...

Autoresponder Code, Tips And Tricks

Posted by Blain | On: May 02 2011 | Comments (11)
I just wanted to go through some simple changes that you can make to your autoresponder code today. I am going to be using the TrafficWave autoresponder code for my examples. So we are going to start with the basic code that TW gives you: <!– BEGIN TrafficWave.net...

HTML Special Characters

Posted by Blain | On: Jan 14 2011 | Comments (0)
Below I have compiled a list of the most common special characters and their HTML equivalent for you to use:

HTML Cheat Sheet

Posted by Blain | On: Jan 14 2011 | Comments (0)
I just threw together a basic HTML Cheat Sheet for anyone looking to help improve their html abilities. Use these as necessary to help you, these are the most common HTML tags in their proper syntax: Basic Tags <html></html> Creates an HTML document <head></head>...

List Of HTML Tags You Can Use

Posted by Blain | On: Sep 25 2010 | Comments (0)
I just wanted to compile a quick list of the various html tags that you can use when building your website and pages: <!DOCTYPE> – Specifies the rules for the markup language that the page is written in read more

Google Instant And How It Changes SEO

Posted by Blain | On: Sep 12 2010 | Comments (0)
I just read a great post over at hubspot on Google Instant, their new search feature. It goes into how Google Instant is going to change how we do SEO, because the user no longer has to scroll down to find the results they want. If what comes up in the first 3-5...