Autoresponder Code, Tips And Tricks

I just wanted to go through some simple changes that you can make to your autoresponder code today. I am going to be using the TrafficWave autoresponder code for my examples.

So we are going to start with the basic code that TW gives you:
<!– BEGIN AutoResponder Capture Form – BUILD 100609–>
<form method=”POST” action=””>
<input type=hidden name=”trwvid” value=”blainjones”><input type=hidden name=”series” value=”blog”>
<input type=hidden name=”subscrLandingURL” value=””><input type=hidden name=”confirmLandingURL” value=””>
<table style=”width:250px;border-style: none;”><tr><td width=25% >Name</td><td ><input id=”da_name” name=”da_name” type=text style=”width: 100%”></td></tr> <tr><td width=25% >Email</td><td ><input id=”da_email” name=”da_email” type=text style=”width: 100%”></td></tr> <tr><td  colspan=2><input type=submit value=”Submit”></td></tr></table></form>
<!– END AR Capture Form – BUILD 100609–> read more

HTML Cheat Sheet

I just threw together a basic HTML Cheat Sheet for anyone looking to help improve their html abilities.

Use these as necessary to help you, these are the most common HTML tags in their proper syntax:

Basic Tags

<html></html> Creates an HTML document

<head></head> Sets off the title and other information that isn’t displayed on the web page itself read more

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Web Templates

Website templates are very affordable and they save you a lot of effort and time when you want to create a new layout for your website. However, a lot of people make mistakes in the process of choosing and using a web template and end up with something that was unlike the image they had in mind. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid those mistakes. read more