The Crypto Journey Begins

Ok so I just joined Binance. Now I have had and used crypto for some time now but have yet to really get into it or trade it or anything like that.

So this evening I am starting my crypto journey and am going to try to document everything that I do and everything that happens along the way.

Binance, thus far, looks and seems fairly simple to navigate and get through. I only had one small hurdle and that was understanding what a percentage thing was while trading, but it is simple what percentage of the coin you are selling you would like to sell. Pretty simple right?!

I have also signed up for Steemit and am awaiting my confirmation and account to be registered so that I can begin blogging on there and documenting this entire journey.

Hopefully you will travel with me during this journey and maybe even learn a few things along the way!

Please leave any comments you may have!


If you are interested in joining Binance, you can Click Here to do so!

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