Accept BitCoin at your LFM Site!

Are you tired of being banned by paypal? Tired of the fee’s that payza charges? Just tired in general of payment processors deciding by mass as to whether or not they will accept your business? Then take your own control of your site!

No longer do you have to be held back by the processors known as payza and paypal. Now you can become what is the future of traffic exchanges!

Thanks to a little help from Shon over at Paranormal Traffic. I am able to easily add BitCoin as a payment processor for any LFM site.

So if you are ready to break the chains that are payza and paypal and take a step in the direction of freedom and away from the horrible constraints that those “big” payment processors have, send me a skype at blainjones1 and I can add BitCoin as a payment processor for your site!

Plugin price is a low one time fee of $47. This includes complete integration and sales tracking on every BitCoin transaction.

It doesn’t matter if your site is LFM, LFMTE, or LFMVM. I can integrate it!

If you are interested, my skype is blainjones1, you can also email me at


4 Replies to “Accept BitCoin at your LFM Site!”

    1. This will allow you to accept BCH or BitCoin Cash at your site. But any regular app (I use Coinomi), will allow you to transfer that to BTC BitCoin with ease.

  1. The biggest plus of BCH over BTC is the amount of time that it takes to process the payment. BCH is considerably faster than BTC.

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