Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing!

So, I am sitting in on an impromptu meeting at Traffic-Exchange-Live and Jon Olson say’s “Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing”. I believe this is true for the simple fact that all Internet Marketer’s seem to care about anymore is making a sale.

Now, making a sale is good, but nowadays you need to be making a friend first. Build relationships with people and learn with them. That is the true path to success.

When I started online all I wanted to do was make a sale. And it did and will happen every once in a while, but it’s not consistent. These so called “Guru’s” are making people think that all they have to do is buy their product and they will be able to make a million dollars online. And I believed that. Turns out, that business model is dead WRONG.

People don’t realize that it actually takes some time to start to make a living online. You don’t start out earning $1000 a month. You have to build up, and to do this you have to build relationships with people in your industry. You have to take the time to care about other people. You have to find a successful business model and stick with it.

Stop jumping from program to program looking for the one that’s gonna make you a millionaire. Find one that works and is proven and stick with it.

In summary:

  • Stop Selling
  • Find Friends
  • Build Relationships
  • Build Your Brand


Ok, that’s all Im gonna ramble about for today. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

4 Replies to “Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing!”

  1. Anyone who believes in over night riches is chasing a pipe dream. Weather Business or Life it always takes work. Awesome Post Blain Keep Rockin!

  2. Hey Blain –

    I really have enjoyed getting familiar with your blog and points of view. Interesting post here and I want to share my thoughts.

    First, I agree 100% in the idea that you must take a longterm view and actually “build a business” much as you would have to do in the offline world. Provide exceptional value to gain customers and referrals, understand the lifetime value of a customer relationship and invest in that relationship, find joint venture partners that share your beliefs and engage them, focus on integrity in your interactions, etc. These are the tenets of my personal business and what I teach.

    I do agree with broad generalizations of Internet Marketers because I have sent hard earned money with “gurus” like Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver, Stephen Pierce and others and I can honestly say that I have gotten value from everything I have purchased. For me the key was bringing myself into the equation. Realizing that I was responsible for the action!

    Now, that being said, if a marketer is out there taking people money under the false pretense that all they have to do is pay up and the cash will magically flow … I agree with you 100% …. we don’t need scam artist like that impersonating Internet Marketers. By this definition, I wouldn’t honor them with the title.

    Excellent content here …. I will return often!

    James Holmes
    Owner, SWAT Traffic

  3. It’s obvious you get it Blain.
    With that said, we all still want to make sales.
    You can only go so far with affiliate marketing so, as you said, find a program and stick with it!

  4. Hey blain great post I love the point you made about not making money overnight. I too at one point thought that you could just sign up for a program and BOOM money flowing out my ears. Didn’t happen… But you are 100% correct in saying that all internet marketers are just trying to shove sales down peoples throats. The key is you have to find people that already want to buy the product not force someone or spam ( EVERYONE HATES SPAM) it just will never work. If you keep your audience happy then eventually the sales will come to you.

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