“Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH

Yeah, its true. Aside from winning the lottery and someone giving you a million dollars. It is basically impossible to make a ton of money overnight.

The biggest problem that I see today, is all these people coming out with new products saying that you can make money quickly online. “All you have to do is copy this, and you can be rich too!” I am tired of that crap. What it takes to make a decent living online, is the same that it takes to make a decent living offline. Hard work and dedication.

The issue with that, is everyone(by everyone, I mean that guy that launches a new program every couple of months that is just a rehash of his old product, because it doesn’t sell as good anymore) has said that all you need to do to make money online is this or that, and you will make $1000+ by in 20 minutes/tomorrow/you choose the timeframe. Alot of people believe this, day in and day out. They get in it for a day, week, or even a month or two. Then realize it isn’t as easy as the marketer that sold you, says it is. Thats why internet marketing has gotten such a bad name across the world. Think about it, how many people have you told that you were running or starting a business online, what did they say? I am pretty sure that it wasn’t anything good.

So let’s change people’s mindset about internet marketing, one person at a time. How, you ask? By helping someone every chance you get, whether it be someone in a traffic exchange chatroom, one of your friends on facebook, or someone that you see everyday. Let’s help each other. And if you need help or have a question, you can message me on skype, my username is blainjones. If I dont know the answer, I will find someone that does.

And Brenda Boyles has taught me that, it doesn’t matter if you are in my downline or if you buy something from me. I just want to help you succeed. Because your success does two things for me, it makes me smile and helps the internet marketing community as a whole. Because when people start succeeding in internet marketing, then all those nonbelievers will start believing again and we can grow this business, while sleeping happily knowing that we aren’t screwing people out of their hard earned money!

Ok, there’s my 2 cents. Let me know how you feel by commenting, and if you like my blog feel free to “tweet” it or “like” it on facebook!

13 Replies to ““Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH”

  1. This is a great post Blain and it is 100% to the point and is what hurts the average Internet marketer or the beginning internet marketing. There is no such thing as getting rich overnight with internet marketing. I have always believed in helping others online and through helping others it helps me to feel good about what I am doing online. Brenda is right, I have no problem helping others whether or not they are in my downline or even a member of a program I am involved in. If I can help them be successful that makes me successful and feel that I have accomplished my goals.


  2. Excellent post Blain! I have said the same thing many times to many people. But it seems that some just aren’t ready to hear it. LOL

    I learned the hard way how to research and find out if a program is a fly-by-night operation or one of the few good ones out there. The good ones do exist, you just have to know how to find them. It’s not always easy and the good ones aren’t always the same programs for everyone.

    I try to help others with whatever they have questions about and never bother with trying to “sell” them. I always urge people to “read the fine print” on any program they are thinking of joining. It never fails to amaze me how many never read the terms of service or even the faq pages before joining a program. Sometimes the landing page (with all the hype) is totally contradicted in the terms of service. I’ve even seen terms of service that contradict itself!

    However, I do owe a thank you to those irresponsible marketers with all their hype. I used to fume and fuss about the programs that were suppose to make me rich but were just a constant drain on my wallet. Then I decided that enough was enough. NO MORE!!! I am honest in my advertising, no hype, no false hope to lure people in. I’m sure many don’t look twice at my pages but thats ok too. The programs I use arent for everyone. I spend my time interacting with people, chatting, building relationships and offering what advice I can give when needed.

    I havent gotten rich online yet, but I do make money. However, I have gained a wealth of friends and that is worth much more to me than money.

  3. Yes Like everything else work is involved. False promises don’t benefit any one. Including the one doing the promising! Gurus we’re on to you.

  4. Agreed… I do have to say that things have taken a huge turn for the better recently. I’ve met more good people and started more solid relationships in the past few months than I have in the last 4 years.

    Keep it up Blain…

  5. Right on target Blain. You got it and are passing it on to anyone that will listen.

    Thanks for the mention and glad I was able to pass something on to your. There are lots of people out there that are willing to help and no it does not matter whose downline you are in. The TE community is so loving and giving and lots out there paying it forward. I like to forget about the negative and focus on the positive and love it when I see others making a go of it. The relationships are building and people are working together and I LOVE IT…..

    Keep the GREAT posts coming…

  6. People don’t want to hear the truth.

    It’s much easier to sell the idea of overnight riches than tell people how much work it takes to even make a little bit of money.

    The truth is that I don’t know anybody who got into this business and started making money right away. It takes a good 6 months to a year of figuring out what doesn’t work before you can start focusing on the things that do.

  7. You mean I can’t make 10 grand in the next 30 days????
    But, they said I could……
    Dang it, I guess i will just go back to working hard and making contacts.

    I’m one year in to this Internet Marketing thing.
    I have learned a lot, made mistakes, made connections, lost money, made money, and finally turning a profit each month.

    Keep up the good work Blain.

  8. Yes you are right. I think making money on-line is everyday hard work. You have to invest time or money or both.Have a nice day.

  9. A great post Blain and like you I am learning and have learned from the timtech team and also people in chat on the different Timtech exchanges. You are doing all the right things. Slow and Steady we will go and reach our goals.

  10. Bang on man.

    Slow and steady has always worked in my books.

    The hardest thing people have to do, is give their business time to mature.

    And that’s always a struggle in this industry. The people that do the best, stick with it!

    1. I spotted Blains post on Sweeva and it rang so true.

      Jon your comments on letting the business mature certainly applies to me, I have been trying to see success for 4 years on TEs! The problem, each time I pulled out just as progress was about to be made, this time I stuck with it and now TE banners are working for me and finally building my list.

      No more automated secret loopholes with only 187 spaces available for me anymore, lol.

  11. Fantastic post Blain. Agree 100%. I get so sick of the heartless cynical money games that you know are going to take people’s money and run and they are on the TE’s all the time. So many newbies just fall in the trap.

    My scam test is to ask myself if a particular business will stand on its own. If it has a good product or service that people actually want. Most of the so called ‘products’ offered by these money games are just e-books that you can get for free just by Googling. Do you think they paid for them?

    Keep on saying what you are saying and doing what you are doing.

  12. Hey Blain –

    Another great post and I agree, it is just unfortunate that so many people have to learn this lesson by losing their often hard earned money. I have always taken the long range view for my online business. I have promoted the same primary programs now for 3 years and 1 year respectively, the same primary sales funnel 1 1/2 years and many of the same affiliate programs for more than 3 years.

    I treat my online business just as I have treated my offline businesses in the past, you would never expect an offline business to result in overnight riches and the same is clearly true online. Step back and evaluate your opportunities centered on logic and facts.

    Great post!


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