Create Your Own Video Splash Page With Adkreator Template

Just so you know, either my computer or camtasia is really off, so the video plays slow then fast. But you will still be able to get whats needed. Also this is probably best viewed in full screen because Im not an expert at video editing!!



Also to make the video autoplay just add &autoplay=1 to the end of the source code from youtube.

For Example:
Normal – src=”″
Autoplay – src=”″

Once Again, if you have any questions or need some help my skype username is blainjones.

Thanks, and comments are appreciated!

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  1. Hi Blaine you are the master of the video. They keep getting better and better! Thankyou for this post in particular cuz now I can make video’s too. You have taught the professor something so I need to share something with you and your readers. Your information is right now the money but I’m afarid U Tube has thrown a monkey wrench into the works. You see depending on how and what your using to upload to U Tube they assign a iframes code to your video rendering the old auto play codes useless.. Here is what I found so that if your readers are making video’s and trying to auto start them and they have iframes in the code they need this info:

    Method One
    to get this to work you have to enter in the code ” ?autoplay=1 ” after the Url address of the video. So basicly the only difference to the old method is to substitute a ? mark instead of the & .
    Method Two
    In the iframe code you substitute the word /embed/ with /v/ in the code after the and then add & autoplay after the youtube index numbers/letters.

    Thanks Again Blain for all your help

    Success Thru Helping Others
    Professor Cue Ball Clicks aka Murray Ostashev ( murrayo)

  2. Blain this is great and If I did it right I will have a splash added to the site in a little bit for everyone to use. I created a video early this morning and most wanted it on a plash but I had no idea how to do it. Your a lifesaver.

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