The Money Is NOT In The List

You heard me right, The money isn’t in the list.

I am sure right now you are asking yourself if I am a total nutcase or what. Well don’t sweat as I am going to explain. You see you can build a list of thousands of people, but if your list isn’t responsive and don’t click then how much money are you really making from your giant list?

The problem that I see is that everyone preaches that the money is in the list and that isn’t exactly true. The phrase should be “The Money Is In The Relationship With The List”. Read more and I shall explain…

Let’s take for example John and his friend Bob:

John has spent the last 6 months building a list of just over 10,000. He spent that time working hard to drive as many people to his site as possible to sign up to his list. Then he promotes to them weekly if not daily. The only problem that he has is that alot of the people that are on his list are getting fed up with being promoted to over and over that they start unsubscribing.

Bob on the other hand has spent the last 6 months building hist list to just over 150 people. Bob has focused on inviting people to his list where he provides value that his subscribers appreciate. And once he builds his relationship, Bob then sends a relevant offer that he personally recommends.

John can’t quite figure out why Bob only promotes every once in a while to a smaller list and yet is making more money than he is. You see, John never really built a good long lasting relationship with his list.

Which one of these figures apply to you? Are you frantically running around trying to get subscribers for the sole purpose of promoting to them? Or are you giving information of value and building a relationship with your list that can last a lifetime?

If you are the first one, you may as well give up and start with a clean state, because you are not only hurting yourself because of the massive amount of time you spend trying to build and replace your list, but you are also tarnishing YOU, YOUR NAME, and YOUR BRAND. Which is one of the most valuable things you have when it comes to building a list and making money online.

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  1. Good stuff Blain. Being controversial is good, you get people thinking about you… I do similar things on my Blog ;-).

    -Vedant Madane.

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