Tools That Make Internet Marketing A Little Easier

I just wanted to put up a list of some of the simple tools that I use to help me with my Internet Marketing business.

The first tool is an auto-responder. I personally use TrafficWave as my auto-responder of choice. There are a lot of others out there and if you are using one now and it achieves what you need then keep using it. I use TrafficWave because it has a flat rate no matter how many subscribers and is fairly simple to navigate and most importantly it get’s the job done!

The second tool I would recommend is a tracker. Using some sort of tracker is highly recommended in this line of work because you absolutely must know where your sign-ups and hits are coming from. Tracking your results is very important and you need to know what sites bring you those results and which ones don’t so you can move on and focus on the converting sites. I would recommend TEToolbox for tracking. They have all in one tracking available along with multiple rotators so that you can test multiple versions of your page to see which converts better.

The third tool is hosting. You need hosting so that you can get your own website up and running. You need a place for returning and new visitors to come and see what you have going on. I use Hosting24 as my hosting service, but like I said before you can use whatever service you are comfortable with. Hosting can cost anywhere from $3.00 and up depending on the service you use. But you also may want to be cautious because you do get what you pay for.

These three simple tools can make or break an internet marketer’s business and that is why I highly recommend having them.

Are there any tools that you personally use that aren’t listed here? I would love to see what other tools you use to help you in your marketing business and how they have helped you.

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