The Affiliate Mindset

It has come to show that the affiliate mindset has changed quite drastically over the years. We have gone away from the tried and tested true way of doings things to a much more simple way. The problem is that the simple way doesn’t work. Yeah, I said it. What YOU are doing right now, probably isn’t working and if you think it is, you, more thank likely, don’t realize how much better it could be working. But before we get too deep, let’s talk about the current “method” of marketing, specifically inside traffic exchanges.

Right now, the mass of people using traffic exchanges to promote something have simply gone to the specific program they are promoting, signed up, grabbed their affiliate link, and plastered it inside of traffic exchanges, then surfed. 99% of the time, this link is a splash page of some sort promoting whatever product. Does this get you referrals/earnings? Probably. But does it get you consistent results and consistent commissions? Probably Not.

The tried and tested method is for affiliate marketers to build their list. Which means using a custom squeeze or lead capture page inside traffic exchanges. This means that you have to setup your autoresponder with emails. You have to create or find a “product” to use as an incentive for people to sign up to your list. And you have to be unique, because now you are promoting YOU.

The so called “old school” method is painful. Nobody wants to write a bunch of emails, and more than half don’t even know where to start with this. So we use the “simple” method because it is “easier”. We therefore end up wasting our credits and our precious time spent surfing because we are now looking at a .001 or worse click thru rate (if you are even tracking) and there is no retain-ability. That means that once the member signs up to whatever splash page you were promoting, they are no longer “yours”. You cannot contact them, you cannot help them, you cannot have them join under you anywhere else. You gave up all your hard work and effort to the product owner for them to do as they please. You just lost out on what could be your biggest customer because you are lazy.

Well, the good news is that I want the tried and true method to come back. I believe in it. I know it works. I know that when you start getting people to your list and start building downlines in multiple programs while earning money, you will get excited. When I first started out online, I was ecstatic to see a new commission email. And I always wanted more. Don’t You?

That is why I created tePays. This simple and effective system takes you back into the tried and true method of building your list while building your downlines and earning commissions. We are truly putting the affiliate in the front of the line again. We didn’t even create this system so that we could make a bunch of money. That is why we are giving away up to 75% commissions. Yeah, you heard it right. The highest commissions you will find ALMOST ANYWHERE PERIOD.

I am sure you are asking yourself “Why in the world would this idiot just give away money?” Well, the truth is, I am an idiot. BUT, I care about the affiliate. I want YOU to earn. I want YOU to build your list. The more affiliates we get earning money in this industry, the more people we will get coming in. The more lively and vibrant using traffic exchanges as an affiliate platform becomes. This helps the industry as a whole. We CAN improve. We CAN bring results back. We CAN make this industry one of the most profitable ways for an affiliate to make money online.

But that’s not all, we do everything for you. All you have to do is enter some basic information and do a little but of the copy paste shuffle. When you are done, you will have a ready to go list building system.

All you have to do is follow the steps. If you follow the steps and promote YOUR squeeze pages (Don’t worry, we provide it for you), you will start building your list and even see that you can earn money BEFORE you even spend a dime. I WANT YOU TO SEE HOW YOU CAN PROFIT BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEY.

If you haven’t already checked it out, click HERE to watch the video. Follow the process, follow the steps, add your promo link, and SURF. That is ALL.

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  1. Great summery of TEPays as well as a good editorial about the TE industry in general. Congratulations on your program. It’s everything I would want to provide my own subscribers. I invite you to see our progress at

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