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Posted by Blain | On: Apr 13 2011

Just though I would put up a video splash about some of the comments I have gotten at Sweeva. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

To Go To Sweeva Click HERE


Hopefully, if you put the comments mentioned above on my splash pages, you can take my advice and we can learn from each other and help one another out!

Once again, I am no expert. I speak from personal experience and talk about what works and is working for me. If your opinion is different I would love to hear it!


  1. Jon Olson says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha Priceless! Absolutely priceless! Blain ‘gets it!!!’ lolol This is great man, keep them coming. ‘Oh Well, I don’t Care’ lolol

  2. Larry "The Support Guy" at TimTech says:

    Dude this is so funny. I was laughing my head off. I am so glad you won that flip cam. Great job
    Keep us laughing and keep those videos coming. Cannot wait to see the next background of your video

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job on the video! Funny how the opinionated ones are alway the affiliate folks. Brand yourself first everyone! Everything else will follow!

    Stephen Whittle — swhomebiz

    • Blain says:

      Exactly Stephen, the more we brand ourselves, the more people notice us! Heck, a month ago, I was a nothing in the TE world. Now I get praises from people like Jon Olson! Just by putting myself out there for all the world to see!

      • Jon Olson says:

        It’s that simple man. Be yourself. Put your name out there. People notice. But alas…Only a handful take action on it…

  4. Sean Phillips says:

    I like fish tanks. I like how you hold the camera,,,just like Bear Grylls. I like how you video in the mirror so that I can see the CTP branded Flip. Fold? Like you said . ” oh,well I dont care” You are right, Dont DUSAP Me, Bro.

  5. Catherine White says:

    I get it. Sarcasm….ah, my type of humor. 🙂
    Dude change the batteries in your smoke detector –
    YOU HAVE A 4 YEAR OLD – Safety First.

    Keep up the good work Blain –
    You are definitely making a name for yourself.

    • Blain says:

      I must apologize for my smoke detector, it thinks the batteries are dying, but it doesn’t realize that it is plugged into the electric in my house.

      Yes Sarcasm is probably the only kind of humor that I have!

  6. Robert Maturo says:

    HAHHAH a Funny stuff I know the people that make a lot of the negative comments don’t do anything to help themselves. I think Blain and I thank you for this idea I will start seeking these people on sweeva and leave notes on there profiles ” Where is your picture. Whats your name”

  7. Justin Ledvina says:

    WoW Justin you are looking thin these days!!

  8. Jay Sarthou says:

    Hi Blain! Jay here…..luv your video blog….i don’t know about them but I really liked the videos you did. it’s clean, i didn’t notice the shaking, it didn’t made me dizzy watching it anywayz. LOL! …..and telling me what I want, I think that’s what suppose to be. And boasting about the flipcam you got, that’s cool! if there’s no name & face, it’s not a valid comment 😉

    • Blain says:

      Thanks Jay. I try to keep it steady, and I try to keep it funny! Yeah nowadays you need to have a name and face in this business if you want to get anywhere. Look where I was a month ago compared to today!

  9. Drew says:

    Blain, sounds like you have haters. Then you know you are doing it right.
    Great job with the few video’s I have seen. I look forward to next week(or next post)
    I need one of those flips cams, do you know where I can win one?

    Keep it up,

    • Blain says:

      Yay haters! LOL. Thanks, I am trying to come up with some good quality videos. You can win a flipcam by joining in at T3 training Monday nights at 7est. But don’t quote me on it. Im not 100%

  10. Sally Larrison (morda111) says:

    HAHAHA Upgrade from a Tandy! ROFL Haven’t seen one of those in decades hehehe and I thought my old laptop was ancient. Keep doing things your way Blain, it seems to be working 🙂

    PS Special thanks to Jon for twitting the link to here!

    • Blain says:

      Yeah I thought the Tandy thing would be pretty funny! And thanks to everyone that tweets or likes or anything to help get my blog out there!

  11. Jerry Iannucci says:

    Drat. Catherine beat me to the smoke detector comment.

    I’ve read your Sweeva comments. For every nit-picking negative comment there are at least 20 positive ones.

    Just keep doing what you are doing. You’re definitely on the right track!

    • Blain says:

      Yeah, like I said, most of them are great comments, just a few people with negative ones, and since they don’t seem to read their own comments, I figured I would put up a video and with any luck they will see it!

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  13. Blain~

    Very well said! Nice job pointing out that all the negative people are people that are too afraid to come out of the woodwork themselves! Keep up the great work!

    To Our Success,
    Dave & Steve Goodwin

  14. Carl Bailey says:




  15. Dorothyl says:

    Envy and/or jealousy usually is the reason for many negative thoughts/comments towards others. You addressed the issue with diplomacy and professionalism.

    What beep 🙂

    First time checking out Sweeva through your video…I will now take a leap and join in….see what negative comments I can attract~

    Have an awesome day~

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  17. Lennie Conger says:

    Great video your getting your self out there in all kinds of ways great job I need to get myself going on the videos…just real nervous about it gotta get doing it though…Nice job Blain…

  18. Ken Locatelli says:

    Blain this is great and spot on. Most of the people that leave negative comments have no clue. They just want to be negative. I don’t think you have anything to worry about with a few negative comments because all your splashes are good.


  19. James Holmes says:

    Hey Blain –

    One of the things that has caused the Flip style video to be so powerful is because they are real … they magically cause a person to feel like they are getting to know the real person. If you strive for studio quality perfection, you will miss the power of the home grown viral video.

    One thing for sure is that SWEEVA does generate some interesting reading and as they say … those who live in glass houses …

    I love the unique background idea as it will make you stand out. In fact, they are already talk’n about it!


  20. Paul James says:

    Nice one Blain, you couldn’t have said it better. How did you keep a straight face? Awesome!

  21. Les Stevens says:


    It is working, you ARE becoming very well known.


  22. John Bell says:

    A Tandy, LOL

  23. Robert Blakely ???? The Blakester says:

    Absolutely fabulous Vlog brother. You know I thought of giving the non professionals my opinion about their bs comments on my pages with some video relationship marketing.. 😉 but didn’t seem worth it. Man you gotta feel good about getting that off your chest.. LOL Now we have the new Blocking features Life is so grand.. Try it it feels so good to click it.. LOL Keep on trucking with the pages and if i don’t see the fish again I’m gonna be pissed. LOL

    The Blakester

  24. James Dias says:

    Blain I dont know why i didnt watch this sooner

    I liked it BuT you dont care LOL

    Keep doing it you teaching a lot of people How to get out there

    James Dias

  25. BRIAN MORGAN says:

    YO, BLAIN you are such a cool guy man…This is a great video and I love the way you are putting these idiots under the bus i a calm but yet powerful manner…It all makes sense and rally touches there nerves…I hope some of them come and see this video…Especially about the tripod ….thats great stuff man…

  26. Trista Harris says:

    You need to change the battery in your smoke detector. 🙂 Chirp, chirp, chirp!!!

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