Traffic Sources and Lead Generation

I recently did a survey through SurveyMonkey (Recommended by Jon Olson) for my blog subscribers. It only had 2 questions and I feel was fairly successful. One of the biggest things to come out of it was to write about traffic sources and lead generation.

Between me and Shane we have quite a few good traffic sources but thus far our biggest lead creator is hands down solo ads. But not just any solo ads, I am talking targeted towards the make money online/affiliate marketing community.

Our products and services are directly related to that community so it only makes cents (pun intended LOL) to ensure we are targeting our advertising to the right “market”.

Fortunately for me, Shane has dove head first into analyzing, tracking, and resourcing of all of the solo ads. I just tell him what I am thinking and he builds it and goes. It is super simple on my part! But the real question is how do you do this?

Well, there are a few methods. Shane first did a search on google title solo ads and targeted solo ads. From there he went through every website and validated which ones were targeted to our niche or market. And this is where testing begins. Most of the more reputable sites will work directly with you to create an ad and landing page for your product or service. We did that and started testing. We purchased ads at these sites and tracked everything possible. We use a combination of and Google Analytics for tracking. Google provides a super in depth view and analysis of the traffic and is great to see quickly what converted and where. They are both amazing tools, but to be honest, you have to kind of be super nerdy to get deep into Google Analytics!

From there we narrow down and focus our efforts on what works and try different variables to improve our promotions and continuously focus, narrow, and target everything based on the results. But we don’t just do this from 100 views or even 1,000 views. The minimum we look at is arounf the 5,000 mark with more in depth information at around 10,000. But you can usually start to see a trend early on.

So as you can see, we spend quite a bit of time and money figuring out what works and what doesn’t, but in the end it makes us money, and more than we spent. So that is how we do advertising and get leads outside of traffic exchanges.

Also, if you are interested, I believe Shane has built a website for Solo Ads based off of our results and what works. If you want, you can send him a skype for information! His skype is shanebost!

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to create more posts in the future!


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