April Top 10 Advertising Resources

Below you can see my advertising resources, the number of hits received, unique percentage, number of conversions, and percentage for the month of April 2016. Hits tracked are from our promotions to SiteXplosion and tePays. A conversion is counted as a signup to that specific site. Unique percentage is overall unqiue for the month validated by IP. The lower the unique value, the more saturated we have made our advertising at that site for the month.

Domain: Total Hits Unique % Conversions Conversion %
Soaring4Traffic 1301 37.28% 5 0.3843%
Traffic-Splash 8014 26.30% 20 0.2496%
TrafficDelivers 2869 30.22% 4 0.1394%
AdMasterPlus 5310 16.46% 7 0.1318%
TezakTrafficPower 4560 28.95% 5 0.1096%
TrafficG 4112 52.97% 4 0.0973%
DragonSurf 15031 12.03% 10 0.0665%
TopHits4U 13982 15.94% 9 0.0644%
TrafficSwirl 45761 16.60% 21 0.0459%
EasyHits4u 55827 40.01% 21 0.0376%

There are multiple sites not shown above that delivered 10+ signups, but this month I am basing my list on conversion percentage. Which means total number of conversions divided by total number of hits (that statement may be backwards).

Quick thing to take note of is that the industry “standard” since I have been here was around .01% conversion ratio for a lead to your list. These are for a signup. Next month I will show you the list by conversion ratio for list signups to tePays. If you aren’t seeing higher than .01% signup rate to your list, think about changing something within your flow (i.e. squeeze page copy, video, product, etc…).

And as always, you should trust your own tracking as this is only a reference guide.

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