March Top 10 Advertising Resources

After talking with Scott Rohn on skype, I’m gonna piggy back off of what he did. If you’re interested in his post, you can check it out here: Scott Rohn’s Blog.

Below you can see my advertising resources, the number of hits received, unique percentage, number of conversions, and percentage. This is strictly for promoting SiteXplosion. This tracker contains every splashpage that we use at the site and results from each page vary.

Domain: Total Hits Unique % Conversions Conversion %
EasyHits4u 31285 49.24% 15 0.0479%
ILoveHits 20274 7.19% 7 0.0345%
StartXchange 34047 4.71% 6 0.0176%
TrafficSwirl 3079 45.79% 4 0.1299%
Thumbvu 32846 3.95% 3 0.0091%
ListJumper 131 83.97% 3 2.2901%
Sweeva 10527 7.58% 2 0.019%
TopHits4U 6862 20.24% 2 0.0291%
CoolCatHits 1229 32.22% 2 0.1627%
Traffic-Splash 2659 36.44% 1 0.0376%

And as always, you should trust your own tracking as this is only a reference guide.

6 Replies to “March Top 10 Advertising Resources”

  1. Thanks for sharing your results Blain. It pretty telling each month to look into tracking stats and see where the consistent performers are. Every month I seem to get at least one that just seems like a fluke and surprises me.

    1. Yeah, sometimes I get sites out of nowhere that perform and I instantly buy a bunch of credits to get my site seen more to see the results.

  2. Hi Blain,

    Must be doing something right as I already have accounts at all of these sites. I agree that the more people share results it will help focus the mind and highlight the established sources are best.


    1. Yeah, I like being able to show people where I am seeing results. It helps the community too. I might even start a “Blain Jones Recommended” list

  3. Hi Blain
    This is Awesome. I’m looking at your stats and looking at the # of hits for what half a month. Then I look at what I had for a month. Boy I’d love to have your advertising budget. Seriously its funny how similar our lists look

    1. Lol, yeah I try to get as many hits as possible from everywhere I can. It’s good that our resources show similar results. It just shows that whether you’re promoting a te or a blog, results can be achieved.

      I do think that you are getting better results becuase you’re promoting you where as all mine are SiteX splash pages

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