May Top 10

My apologies for the late post, but here is May’s top 10 advertising resources based on list signups. We have had well over a couple thousand signups in just the top ten alone, let alone all of our other advertising resources. All of these signups were to an autoresponder list.

Domain: Total Hits Unique % List Signups Conversion %
EasyHits4u 139839 34.12% 667 0.4769%
ILoveHits 137499 3.13% 667 0.4850%
StartXchange 76408 5.74% 616 0.8061%
CoolCatHits 69057 6.53% 577 0.8355%
Traffic-Splash 21697 17.12% 404 1.8620%
TopHits4U 21085 14.29% 354 1.6789%
ThumbVu 101055 2.16% 352 0.3483%
TezakTrafficPower 19624 22.26% 259 1.3198%
Shockwave Traffic 703 56.19% 144 20.4836%
TE Racing League 6129 22.11% 99 1.6152%

As always, use these as a reference guide to help in your own promotions. We publish our results in order to help the community be able to better focus on sites that provide results!

Just to caveat this, all of this is from promoting tePays. A month after launch and we are still getting great signup numbers. What does this mean to you? It means that no matter when you join, you can still use this program effectively to build YOUR list and start building your business online as an affiliate. Remember, this IS NOT a race. List building is the most effective tool you can use and we have simplified it at tePays.

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