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So today a good friend of mine Kenneth Locatelli was chatting with me on skype. And he directed me to a certain Site Of The Day site on a certain Traffic Exchange that I LOVE using. So I go and start reading the comments, and holy crap what do I see?

I see a certain someone calling people (which I take personal offense to) and I quote “Hobby Marketers”. But that’s not the icing on the cake. It’s what he said overall. So I decided that I’ll post it here for you to see. (Edited so that you can’t tell what TE or person):

“This may be my last Site Of The Day on **TE NAME**. **TE NAME** used to be a good place to go to advertise. It is not that good anymore. It is funny how many people click for credits and then the splash page they add gets ZERO opt ins. It is getting to be a waste of time here.”

“I have made some good friends here.. but I am getting disgusted by the hobby marketers that call **PROGRAM NAME** a SPAM tool. I have built HUGE downlines in many programs using **CHAT PROGRAM** and **PROGRAM NAME** helps with my list management and broadcasting.”

“but the ones that call **PROGRAM NAME** a spam tool have either never used it, dont understand it, are saying what someone else said, or have a small **CHAT PROGRAM** list.”

I’ll start with the first comment, basically you are going to stop using a TE because other members aren’t getting results? You must not be a member of many TE’s because I know and see a bunch of people using TE’s and not getting results. But that is mostly because they are doing it wrong, by using generic affiliate pages and not standing out from the crowd. So instead of complaining about it, why wouldn’t you actually do something since you seem to be having some success, and try helping people out. Maybe they aren’t getting results because they don’t know or understand what they are doing wrong. And last but not least, I didn’t realize that you were able to track other people’s opt-in’s. CRAZY…

Second comment. First of all I take offense to being called a hobby marketer, I just like thousands of other people online are trying to learn how to actually make some money in this business. And you my friend, well just understand that I will never buy anything that you put your name on because of that comment. I may be doing this “Part Time” now, but that’s probably because I still have a mortgage to pay and a child to feed. And I have yet to earn enough to live off of this alone. (That and I am working under contract). And why do you think people would call your tool a SPAM tool? Probably because the day your product launched I got messages from a ton of my **CHAT PROGRAM** contacts, that haven’t talked to me either ever or in a really long time, continously throwing links at me to join their “New Program”.

Third comment. You are right, I have never used your **PROGRAM NAME**. And that is probably because I have seen what it can and IS doing to me and alot of people that I know. So how about instead of complaining about the people that refuse to buy your crap, WHY NOT TEACH THE CURRENT USERS HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!!

OK, rant complete. I can’t wait to see your comments…

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  1. Blain Sir;
    I take my hat off to you and Thank you for this rant. I hope there is some way we can make this viral and show the Internet Marketing Community what kind of ignorance there is out there. We will continue to make friends and do what we as Humans do best , and that is socialize, and not worry about the rest.
    Together We Can Change The World & You Can’t Out Give The Universe Are My motto.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful evening.


    1. Great Idea Sherman!

      You can now see this post on **TE NAME** up to 16 times an hour!!!!

      Talk about VIRAL. LOL

  2. Thank You for this post Blain and I agree with you on this one. This person was on my “CHAT PROGRAM” list until just before the launch of said “PROGRAM NAME” they were promptly blocked as it became more and more clear that they were using me as a test subject and they never once said hi Ken how are you doing or any other type of conversation. All this person ever did was send links to different things and I thought to myself, you are not seriously thinking I am about to jump on these and buy or signup to whatever they were and I have no clue who the heck you are. As far as the comment about “Hobby Marketers” that comment reminds me of someone else once that came to a certain chat on another TE of which we are both members and called everyone “Amateur Marketers” after that comment which was over a year ago I started my phrase of “I Just Surf” it is my way of avoiding conflict with certain people that think they are the cream of the crop when it comes to internet marketing. I am honored to have you as a good friend and look forward to many years of friendship and business relations with you.


  3. I gladly accept title of hobby marketer…
    Much better than some of the scummy, spammy real marketers out there.

  4. Well done Blain. I’d much rather be a hobby marketer with security than a full time marketer who promotes garbage products.
    To be frank the Internet is full of self styled marketing gurus who really don’t care who they hurt or how they make money.
    Keep the faith keep building your business and I for one have you on my list of people worth following.

  5. Well said Blain.
    I’ve had Site of the Day on **TE Name** a couple of times now and I welcome all comments – good, bad or indifferent (well actually I am not so keen on the indifferent ones) – from anyone who takes the time to stop and leave a comment.

    I have always considered **PROGRAM NAME** to be a spam tool and if that makes me a ‘hobby marketer’ then so be it. And, for the record if any more of your subscribers use your spam tool to send me spam comments to my **CHAT PROGRAM** they will very quickly be deleted and not welcomed back.

    For my part I am just trying to do exactly the same as Blain and many other users of **TE Name** and that is try to make a decent living from this online business.

    Oh and to all you ‘hobby marketers’ out there in TE land…if you happen to see me in the social traffic exchanges, be sure to say ‘hi’ because you guys are the very people I am really interested in chatting to and getting to know.


  6. Great job, Blain!

    I don’t know which **TE Name** was featured (it could be several), but if I hear another sob story about how misunderstood **PROGRAM NAME** is and how helpful it could be to my **CHAT PROGRAM**, I may just scream!

    Just because a sucker is born every minute does not mean that I am that sucker.

    I am proud to be a “hobby” marketer–until I can make a full-time living at this. Hobbies are good for you! And if being a pro, means being a jacka##, then I don’t need to be a pro. Maybe I should just surf, like Ken (who I want to be when I grow up–lol).

    Karen Kuty (klkuty)

  7. Blain, perfect well stated and I agree with you totally.
    Your friend the hobby marketer Professor Cue Ball Clicks

  8. I really wouldn’t be offended being called a “Hobby Marketer” even though I’ve been full time online for several years now.. people don’t know your situation or position..

    It just goes to show how important tracking is… not all TE’s work for everyone and what works for one person won’t work for another, it’s all about exploring the way you do things, being creative and unique, tracking, and responding to those results.. if one thing doesn’t work somewhere, change the thing or change the somewhere, or both..

    You may be experiencing excellent results at whatever TE you are talking about, I may not experience results at all there, but I might get excellent results somewhere else, and you might get terrible results there.. it doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than another, or that one way of doing it is right and the other is wrong, it’s just different demographics respond to different things..

    If they don’t want something to be perceived as a spam tool than maybe they shouldn’t enable it to be able to send spam! It’s like using a safelist and getting upset about getting emails all day..

    Actions speak louder than words.. if whoever it is wants people to think that it isn’t what they think it is, then they need to lead by example and use it in a way that isn’t spammy, talking about how terrible something is and then going on to continue to use it is just insanity.. It’s like complaining that schools have no funding and then voting no on a tax measure to fund them.. seems like common sense to me *shrug*

    Sorry, that was ab it of a rant / tangent – Great post, Blain!

  9. Great Rant Blain..Marketers simply do not understand it’s not always about making money, Its all about making a difference…..

    Robert Wesley Norman
    Super Affiliates Management Webmasters

  10. Oh wow, is this about Sweeva? LOL It could be, we get trolls all the time telling people how horrible results are at Sweeva but it has BUILT businesses for them and personal brands.


    Anyways, great stuff Blain. As always, you get the gears moving upstairs!

    1. Jon, SHHHHHHHHH. People are complaining that I only make posts to get SEO rankings, so I removed all names to anything on this post to show that I truly could care less about rankings in the search engines, LOL

      Thanks Again for the great comment!!

  11. Great post, so this guy is sick because other people are failing and he is so pig headed that he cannot see a fantastic opportunity to become a hero to so many hobby marketers.

    I have had the luck to chat with a few truly successful people and not just in Internet Marketing. The one thing that identifies them is their inner peace, they know they are in a good place and are prepared to share their time with those that need a little nudge in the right direction.

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