You Jelly Bro?

It is now time for me to vent and rant….

There have been quite a few people talking bad about me. Which I personally enjoy, because if you are talking about me, then my brand is growing!!

What I have realized is the reason everyone is talking about me. I left the industry for a few years and came back out of nowhere and am in your face and in everyone’s face.

AND YOU ARE MAD. But why are you mad?
Because I can literally come out of nowhere and start doing things that YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING in the first place?
Because I have successfully re-built my brand in a matter of a month and am one of the only things you see when you surf traffic exchanges?
Because I have done more in a month with my business than you have in years?
Because I came out of nowhere and told almost everyone that what they were doing was wrong and showed them how to improve, while you sit back in your “high and mighty” chair because you know how “business” should be done.

The sad part is that I can come out of nowhere and start making money instantly, but you struggle to sell a thousand credits for 10 bucks. I am calling you out. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Get a business plan and actually do something. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Take some action.

My guess is absolutely nothing.

If you took offense to this post, then I am probably talking about you.

Have a great day and remember that I am going to continue to CRUSH IT. So you need to step up your game, because I have HUGE plans and will not stop until I achieve them.

And remember that even when you think no one is listening, I still find out how much trash you have been talking about me. Which is sad, because you should WANT my business. I spend A LOT of money.

7 Replies to “You Jelly Bro?”

  1. Though there may be those apples in the bunch who don’t agree with this, it does speak truth. People have a hard time handling the truth & that’s b/c they know the person is right. (Nothing wrong with being confident in one’s self)

  2. Glad to see you fired up. I didnt know you before and I barely know you now. No doubt you have your business shit together but the brand you built with me is that of a fellow with a big chip on his shoulder. I follow you because I like to surround myself with different people. That is how you have helped me. Growth is directly related to the diversity of people you keep around yourself. Just because others are not doing what your doing does not make them wrong. Though they may not reach your level of success, it’s their loss. You will never succeed trying to force a group a people into what you are doing as being the RIGHT way. Relate it to religion….All religions think their religion is the RIGHT one….different strokes for different folks…there will always be believers and those that just dont see the light

    1. Tim,

      The great thing about business online and being an affiliate marketer is that there are a few core rules that every successful marketer follows. Those are what I teach. I am not trying to teach “my way” as the right way. There are a thousand ways to do everything, but if you do not follow the few core rules, you will not succeed.

  3. There are always people who put their time in talking trash about somebody else.

    Now if they put their trash talking time in their business and study what you did things will change for these trash talking people.

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