Let’s Make Some Mistakes!

Learning From MistakesToday, I want to talk about making mistakes. Are mistakes good or bad? What mistakes have I made? And probably some other things that I decide to rant about along the way!


So, is making mistakes good or bad? Well they are a little bit and a whole lot of both! Mistakes are good because you learn from them and bad because they can and do cost you time and/or money. The key or trick here is to minimize your mistakes and keep them as small as possible when they do happen. I.E., if I want to work on how SiteXplosion works within the surfbar, then I probably shouldn’t do it during peak surfing times (because I have been known to shut it down on accident!).

Overall, you are going to make mistakes no matter how hard you try for perfection. Something is always bound to fudge up and happen. Just sit back, take a deep breath, and realize that it is not the end of the world and we can get through this!

What mistakes have I made? If I had to list out every mistake that I have ever made in Internet Marketing alone, this would be the longest blog post known to man. So we will stick with some basic and MAJOR mistakes that you can easily stay away from. For starters, not branding yourself is costing you both time and money. This is YOUR business and should be treated as such. If you only promote someone else’s site and don’t brand YOU then all you are doing is helping them build their brand.

Next thing is sticking out like a sore thumb (SOLAST) also known as being a purple cow. You NEED to stick out. People need to know who you are and what you are about. Actually, you don’t have to do this, but it does greatly speed up the time it takes to get noticed in this industry. And getting noticed is a big deal. There are some big names out there that say that you can be anonymous, but you and I both know their names. So they aren’t anonymous, but they want you to be so it is EASIER for them to stay on top!! GO FIGURE RIGHT….

Another mistake that I used to make is that I never promoted ME, I was always promoting someone else’s crap. Whether it was actually crap or a useful website or product is irrelevant, and that’s because that product didn’t have my name on it. You need to promote you and YOUR list or YOUR blog or website or whatever it may be. Then once they know who YOU are, then you can introduce them to whatever crap you are promoting.

So, overall I think I stayed pretty close to on topic. YAY ME!! Let me know how you feel about this, whether good or bad. I want to see your comments and reflections on my thoughts.

2 Replies to “Let’s Make Some Mistakes!”

  1. Great post, Blain!

    I have to say, my mistake ratio improves the longer I am around this business. When I started, I made more mistakes than right steps. I’d like to think that I am somewhere on the other side of that particular tipping point, but I still make them frequently enough that I have no problem remembering.

    I guess my point is that I want to keep making mistakes, means I am doing something and not standing still…

    So. How long until you buy my stuff?? 🙂

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