Oh My How Things Have Changed…

changesWell, this is my first post in a long time. Let’s see how well it goes.

I have been gone for quite some time but am back now. I had expected to see a lot of change within the Internet Marketing industry. Although some things have changed, almost everything is still the same.

This is both good and bad. It’s good because I will have no issue reintegrating myself and positioning my company to make even more money than ever! But that’s mostly because the people that I told to take action last year, didn’t do it and didn’t stick to it.

It is also bad because NOBODY has gone out on a limb to try something big and see what happens. NOBODY is trying to SOLAST!!!! But that’s not really bad for me. Because I do stick out. And I do it very well!

So what have we gotten overall?

Well, we have a bunch of people that are looking to create a successful business online that are doing the same things that people have been doing for years and just copying each other in hopes to make some sort of impact. Then there are the small handful that are going out of their way to be that purple cow, get noticed and talked about.

And this is my warning to you: Now that I am back, if you have gained a little bit of success in the past year, you better buckle down and figure something out. I am here to kick in doors and take names. I am here to make MY business the absolute best that it can be. I AM WILLING TO SPEND MONEY AND INVEST IN MY BUSINESS. I am as unique as they come and my advertising and promotions speak for themselves.

If you aren’t investing in your business, I highly suggest you take a step back and look at it from another perspective.

As Patrick Griffin would say “You blokes should move, the human tornado is back in town.”

And I think I am done with my soapbox/rant/whatever this actually is!

So my last parting words for this post are as follows: If you do not SOLAST, and SOLAST the best you possibly can, then you may as well just be named random marketer number 5.

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  1. Hi Blain. Great Post and right to the point. You really need to stick out like a sore thumb in this business! Barb 🙂

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