Shiny Object!

I see it time and time again. Shiny Object Syndrome. It is a horrible problem and doesn’t help anyone.

You have probably heard it before. Stick with a core program. Build Your List. Promote from your list.

But I’m not going to go in depth on that. We all know what to do…

I am going to focus on the Shiny New Launch. What is it? Well it’s a product or program that just opened up and we as owners get behind it and promote it. I don’t see a problem with that.

The problem is that we as owners get so caught up in the commissions that we can make from the program, that we don’t even check it out ourselves to see if it is actually any good. I know I have done it before…

Then to carry on, we have a lot of new websites launching all the time. So we get caught up promoting this, then that, then those, then these. That we have completely forgotten about the people we are promoting to. The people that trusted us enough to give us permission to email them. The people that trust what we say and what we recommend.

A lot of owners out there are guilty of this and we need to be more aware of what we are recommending to our subscribers and members. We are only hurting the industry.

I know it sucks to promote a program that has shown the test of time and has been around and shows that will be around, because you won’t make as much money off of it in comparison to a brand new program. But we need to stop recommending everything under the sun just to make some quick money.

We have literally taken the focus off of building a business and put focus on sending people everywhere to sign up to everything just so we can make some money.

What ever happened to actually helping our customers and providing them what they actually need??
What happened to caring about the member?

Why do we not do this? I think that if we did, we would see different results all together on everything.

Imagine people seeing you as the owner that cares. The one that only tries to help them? Imagine the possibilities.

But who knows, I may be completely wrong. You are free to promote whatever you want.

But I can promise that you will not see anything from me unless that program has shown success, given me success, or anything like that.

Thanks again for reading, leave your comments below!

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  1. Hi Blain–

    I couldn’t agree more–too many shiny objects, not enough time. I choose to pass on most and promote evergreen products and durable programs with proven value.

    Karen 🙂

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