Stop Launching New Traffic Exchanges

Ok, so pretty much the title says it all.

Explain to me why opening/launching a brand new TE inside an industry that is already plagued with over saturation of exchanges already is a good idea?

There are literally THOUSAND’s of traffic exchanges out there. Why not just buy a sinking one from somebody and make it your own? Why spend all the hard work and money on creating a new exchange when there are so many opportunities to just take over one and make it even better? It is probably a little bit cheaper too…

I could literally rant on about this for sometime and go in depth with how and why opening yet another exchange is not only hurting this industry but it is hurting YOU as a business owner aswell, but I am not going to.


I will leave it at that, and await your wonderful and brightly colored comments 🙂

Short and sweet, and just enough to upset a bunch of people, let me hear your thoughts on this…

One Reply to “Stop Launching New Traffic Exchanges”

  1. I tried to find the color editor to make this post a nice bright blue, but alas, no love.

    I’ll just have to say that I agree with you 100% Blain. Not very bright, and not at all colored, but there it is…

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