7 Replies to “Why Do You Surf At A Specific Traffic Exchange?”

  1. The ownership! It all comes down to how the owner is managing their program, it begins and ends with the leadership of the program.

    If the owner refuses to put any effort into their design and look, chances are…they wont be around long. That’s a huge thing for me as well.

    Oh and…Badges / CTP XP is always a must! 🙂

    1. Awesome Jon. All great reasons to be surfing at specific exchanges. I am sure there is a lot of people that are also looking for CTP XP and Badges as well

  2. Hi Blain I surf at specific exchanges because I like the chat and the people there surfing. And I like to surf at some because I really like the owners. I Need to start doing what you do to see what is going on who is promoting, what’s new, etc. I have been. I have been surfing at some for my team but don’t pay attention to the sites. After thinking about that I am surfing at other places and buying credits at places without the team surfing so they will look at my site. I honestly don’t think if you want people to see your site, places with team surfing are not the best to promote. People aren’t interested in looking at other peoples sites and same with penny surfing sites. People are their for the pennies and not to look at sites. Hope that makes sense.

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