What’s The Point Of NOSCRIPT????

Ok, so I have to type this out instead of doing a video for everyone out there that uses noscript while surfing Traffic Exchanges.

Why do you use noscript?
What do you get out of it?

Are you seriously surfing so many exchanges that your entire computer freezes up whenever a video starts playing?

When I surf Traffic Exchanges, I do it for multiple reasons. But the number one reason is so that I CAN ACTUALLY SEE what people are showing and how they are doing it. So I can find out what seems to be working and what isn’t.

I know of people that use noscript but I see their pages and I see that they are using scripts within their splash/squeeze pages. This isn’t just a bit redundant to you?

Ok so enough of me, I want to hear you. If you are using noscript, I want to know why you are using it and what it helps you accomplish when surfing. Enter your comments below so that I (and everyone else) can understand why you use them.

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  1. I guess some people just don’t “get it”…. it is like they only want you to look at their stuff and they cant be bothered to look at yours… It is sad they don’t realize that marketing means interacting… not isolating themselves from everyone else. One day they will figure out why they are not successful… (hopefully)

    1. Thanks for the great comments Clint. This post was to hear why people do and do not use it. I want to see everyone’s view on this!

  2. I don’t use noscript, but I used to use a Firefox add-on called “stop autoplay” to keep videos from automatically starting whether I wanted them to or not. I might still be using it if I hadn’t switched to Chrome.

    Why would someone want to stop videos from automatically playing?

    Maybe they DO have an older machine that freezes up if one — or possibly four or five, if they are surfing multiple exchanges — videos try to play.

    Maybe they like to listen to music while they’re surfing and not get their earphones blown off their head every time that “Imagine” guy starts in at the same time Ron Walsh is trying to tell them about how his company has paid out “more than $1.5 MILLION” and that Mexican Ole! music is playing for a TrafficBlast splash and someone else is singing “happy birthday to SiteXPlosion” while they’re trying to listen to some Skynrd.

    And speaking of all those videos I just mentioned, maybe they don’t realize that Internet Marketing video has become a LOT more interesting lately. You Bad Marketing guys in particular do some pretty cool stuff.

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s any “right” or “wrong” here. The customer wants to see/hear video, or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, you figure out what he DOES want to see … or you don’t get his attention.

    1. You have some great points here Thomas, which is why I made the post. I do ALOT of videos and am wondering what the reach is. I know what you mean when some of these annoying sites come up, and its a mad rush to turn them off.

      I am looking for everyone’s opinion and reasoning as to why they use or do not use noscript. So WE as a community can be more informed and help us prosper further!!

    2. I agree with Thomas 100%, you can also set up no script to accept sites and block others, just for example if you have seen Ron Walsh 376,238 times you may not need to see it again.

      I look at every video that is on Sweeva, rarely block one but have on occasion, did for the Darren Olander mailer I think it was Prosperity, the site is fine, Darren is a good dude just the video was loud as all heck and after seeing it 40 times there was no need to get blasted out of my chair anymore 🙂

  3. Hi Blain,

    I was getting annoyed today on exactly this point. I don’t know of anyone who surfs 1 TE at a time. So obviously when you get 3 vids playing at the same time it is annoying, most especially when
    you decide to listen to one in particular. We should have a choice to play it or not.

    The other reason I don’t like auto play vids is my internet provider charges me based on the usage.
    The more vids play, the more usage it costs me.

    So I’m not against marketing videos but I would like to choose which I want to listen to and not have them imposed on me.


  4. Hi Blain,

    I don’t use noscript either but I was just thinking today on how annoying the autoplay vids are.

    First off, I would like to be able to choose which ones I want to listen to and not have them imposed on me. No one I no of surfs one TE at a time so having 3 or 4 autoplays going at the same time and trying to shut them up to listen to the one you chose can drive a person crazy.

    Secondly, finding an internet provider today that offers unlimited viewing is no longer possible. If I go over my allotted monthly usage, it costs me a whopping $50. and all these vids take up a lot of usage which is why I’d like to be able to chose which I view.

    Today videos are an excellent marketing tool but on TEs they can be a drag.

    Just my opinion

  5. Hi Blain,

    I personally believe the videos can be annoying, especially when you have 3 or 4 playing at one time as Caroline mentioned.

    Besides being annoying there are 2 points I would like to make when it comes to videos:

    A lot of people surf at work without headphones and HAVE to mute their sound, turn off their speakers, or use NoScript or a similar program to comply with their work regulations.

    I know a few hearing impaired people who surf. These videos offer nothing to them. If I were hearing impaired or completely deaf I would feel left out when a presentation is done with audio or video alone.

    I think that these presentations have their place, keeping you from having to read tons of information on the page, but for those who can’t hear what’s being presented it has no value unless accompanied with at least a basic outline of what it’s all about.

    I do agree with Caroline that we should be able to choose which ones we want to play. There are so may we see on a daily basis, and continue to see over and over again. If we weren’t interested in it the first time then I don’t think we would be any more interested having it forced on us over and over again.

    For the most part, we all know how to open it up in a new window and save it to favorites or bookmark it in TEs that offer that option. If we are interested but don’t have the funds in our budget or the time to go through any process then we can always come back later.

  6. I have to admit, I’m lazy and I leave a lot of tabs open on my firefox. I hate when firefox restarts and I have to figure out which tab has the autoplay audio going. But Noscript was a real pain for me too. A lot of times the frames on Sweeva wouldn’t display properly when I ran Noscript.

    Also it is a pain for me to watch videos because of the bandwidth restrictions I get here in China. It usually takes more than 5 minutes to watch a 1 minute video. I don’t often go to the trouble. IF they put controls on the video so I can pause it and wait for it all to buffer I may come back and watch it later, but then it becomes one of those annoying tabs I have to find so I can answer a call on Skype.

    Now I have a firefox plugin that disables all flash content, but I can click to play if I am interested. That works out much better for me.

    Another reason for Noscript is to block malicious scripts. There are some bad people out there that will mess up your computer given the chance. Sometimes they overlay a button on top of the real button on a page so when you click on a trusted site it actually takes some action or sends you to someplace you didn’t intend.

  7. I surfed Team Surfing for a few years.It was mandatory for all our Team members to have Firefox and Noscript. Reason being the percentage of viruses and days missed by team members because of computer glitches or mechanical problems was reduced by a whopping %70 That is a a huge reason and a big difference .If you want to enjoy surfing with confidence that you are virus protected I highly recommend NOscript. It is what a Band-aid is to cuts and abrrasions lo!

  8. No script isn’t just for blocking videos it stops nearly all frame breakers, it stops redirects & generally i don’t get those annoying pop ups or “are you sure you want to exit this page” junk It even blocked Timtechs pop over pages I didn’t even know they were there till Tim told me. No script blocks tons of viruses even before any security warnings go off. I can view paid to promote pages that are generally loaded with tons of junk that do all of the above with no problem.

    I am not big on videos anyway they remind me of infomercials heck i only watch t.v when someone else is home & has it on or there are races on so if you want me to see you video put some words where the video is to make me want to allow it

    If you use videos in your OTO’s & such once people hit allow the page leaves, or people are not gonna bother to see what your offering because there’s no text you might have just missed a sale so keep that in mind too

  9. I do use NoScript and I can completely understand your points Blain. However, as was said previously it stops a lot of the viruses and junk that people try to infect you with. At first I didn’t mind the “Are you sure you want to leave” popups, and I definitely don’t mind them when I’m not surfing. Heck, there have been times when they have gotten me to pay closer attention and reconsider my decision to pass on by. But as more and more sites use them, I have learned to loathe them on traffic exchanges.

    Pop-ups are fine, and pop-unders are better. But, I know you’ve gone to a page *cough Donkeymail* that opens dozens of them at once and when you close one, 15 more open in it’s place. Personally, I don’t want to spend the next 20 minutes trying to recover my browser to start surfing again.

    And videos. I do watch videos, but I also surf 5 exchanges at a time. So, it can become tiresome when you have several playing at once. So, I choose now whether I watch or not. Today I saw a new splash from Top Hits 4U, it had a video and I watched. It was good, and I’ll watch it again. BUT, there will come a time when I won’t watch it. I surf there, anyway. 🙂

    The great thing about NoScript is you can turn it off or turn it on. You can whitelist sites and I have many sites whitelisted. But I also let it block the things I don’t want. Oh, and rarely do I have to right click on the back button and find the surf site anymore because… you didn’t redirect me. Ha!

    I can understand being frustrated with users using NoScript. But, as a surfer, a person who likes to be virus free and a non-lover of multiple popups, redirects and “Wait…” *click yes* “Wait…” *click yes* “Wait…” Alight already let me leave your site! Please. 🙂

    Hey, but great post and I can’t wait to hear more discussion on this. Thanks!

    Vincent Parker

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