What do you think I should write about on my blog?

Posted by Blain | On: Feb 24 2014

Well, it seems that I have come to an impasse. I started this blog a long time ago to write about something that I have long forgotten. But as of right now, I usually am blank as to what to write about. I do have a plethora of knowledge inside of this rather large head of mine (it’s mostly ego I think). So, here I am today asking you, the reader / subscriber / random viewer, as to what you would like to see more of on this blog.

Would you like to see me rant about complete randomness or stuff in specific. Should I share my ideas and views of any certain thing? Should I do teaching or knowledge style posts to help you with random things like html, tracking, programming, basic design, etc… Should I do reviews or products that I have tried or used? Would you like to see more video blog or vlog posts? If so, what about? I could talk about how awesome I am if you would like. Heck I could write about American Military history.

So here I am, asking you, what should Blain Jones write about?

It is completely up to you. Just add a comment with your suggestion and all will be considered. Also, if I choose your idea (I’ll pick multiple if not all of them), I will send you $10 via paypal. Wouldn’t that be the easiest $10 you ever made??!!

So go now, and check out my other posts, see if you like any of them, and let me know what you think I should write about.

I am also thinking about doing a thing where I don’t post again unless there are at least 5 or 10 comments or something. I would like to keep this blog active and going, but if there isn’t anyone reading it, then I may just shut it down.

Like I said before, leave a comment and let me know what you think!!


  1. Kris Rogers says:

    Hi Blain. Nice blog post leaving it up to us. I saw you on TElive a while back and would love for you to do a step by step guide to adding html thank you pages to rocketresponder. The ones that link to our own thank you pages. Not just their standard text pages. It was a bit hard to follow at Spreecast. Thanks.

  2. Shelayne says:

    Why not do them all Blain? Move as your feel led. They are all great ideas! Shelayne

  3. Hello there Blain,

    You may have already stumbled upon a unique approach, involving animals and their behaviors.

    If you were to post an occasional funny or intriguing animal story,..and this coupled with your own business intellect in relating into business…(or at the very least,..attempting too!..lol)

    Just might work!


  4. your last post was simply amazing,
    you can consider a topic similar to the last one

  5. Paaaatrick says:

    Hi Shane,
    Don’t do teaching, very few people value it unless they have to pay for it.

    I would go for the combination of:

    – Rant about stuff that really annoys you
    – Share personal experiences
    – Do some random stuff that people woundn’t expect – we are hardwired to like surprises and the unexpected.
    – Use a combination of written posts and video posts.


    – Oh yes, and something about fish would be good…you could even do that on a separate blog if you had the time.

  6. Put up some more funny kangaroo videos!!! Or funny videos or other animals and people! Laughing is good for the soul. I don’t do it enough.

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