Are You Using Thank You Pages?

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 18 2016 | Comments (0)
We finished up the blab, you can watch the video below! We talked about one program in particular during the blab, ThankYouPageMaker.

I Am Starting A Blab!

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 17 2016 | Comments (0)
YES, you read the title right. I am starting a blab. NO, I am not going to do it everyday of the week. NO, I am not going to do it for 6 hours on end. But, I will be doing a focused talk once a week about affiliate marketing and how to grow your business. I will...

The Affiliate Mindset

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 15 2016 | Comments (2)
It has come to show that the affiliate mindset has changed quite drastically over the years. We have gone away from the tried and tested true way of doings things to a much more simple way.

Plus 1 Success Review

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 10 2016 | Comments (2)
This is my review of Jon Olson’s Plus1Success ebook. Just a disclaimer: I actually read the book and took the recommended action each day. The sad truth is that 90%+ of the members of this website didn’t read the book and only used to it promote it....

It Is Time To Take Action

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 06 2016 | Comments (2)
Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again for little to no results? Are you tired of seeing everything going on and feeling like you can’t succeed? Are you just tired of not making the money you have wanted to make online with traffic exchanges?...

Shiny Object!

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 04 2016 | Comments (3)
I see it time and time again. Shiny Object Syndrome. It is a horrible problem and doesn’t help anyone. You have probably heard it before. Stick with a core program. Build Your List. Promote from your list. read more

We’ve Been Doing Some Work

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 03 2016 | Comments (0)
As you know, we have been in the middle of updating and upgrading SiteXplosion to give all of our members a better experience. But we also just finished the first phase of TE Banners. We have simplified the site so the focus is on getting your the banner advertising...