Plus 1 Success Review

This is my review of Jon Olson’s Plus1Success ebook.

Just a disclaimer: I actually read the book and took the recommended action each day. The sad truth is that 90%+ of the members of this website didn’t read the book and only used to it promote it.

The sad truth is that because the majority of people trying to make money online only see dollar signs and don’t really care how it happens, those people will likely never see the success they have imagined. NOBODY takes the time to actually learn anything anymore. I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of reading. But I did read and go through this book.

That is why this review isn’t happening the day or even month after this product launched. BECAUSE I ACTUALLY USED THE PRODUCT. Which means I can give a good biased review on it. Which means, if you believe what I say, that this is probably the most honest review that has been made on a product within the traffic exchange niche in YEARS… That is sad…

Anyways, on to the review:

I initially downloaded and scanned through the book probably about a week before I started to actually read it. We all do the download then lose thing where we forget what we downloaded and see it at a later date. Yep, that’s me!

I DID NOT read this book in one sitting. I read this book in about 35 sittings. One simple paragraph at a time.

Days 1-7 were fairly simple for me. The biggest highlights were taking a big risk and trying something new. It is so unbelievably easy for us to get into our comfort zone and not want to leave. My big risk was doing a complete redesign and changing focus of one of our traffic exchanges, SiteXplosion. It turned out fairly well and we got a lot of good responses from it, so I am happy with that. The try something new was getting whiteboard videos made. I had a good friend refer me to someone and I paid for some videos to be create, something I had never done before. You can see one of them on the SiteXplosion home page.

Days 8-14 had some really good suggestions and I will point out that the mindmap suggestion is well worth it. We have been using them for years with great success and I suggest you use one as well. A couple other notes was to read a chapter in a book, I actually picked up a book by a well known super rich guy that I won’t name, but I have been reading that for a couple weeks now and have been super happy about that purchase that I normally would not have made. And my favorite for this week was the Random Act of Kindness or RAK as I like to call it. I am really big on volunteer work and helping others out as much as I can, especially in the offline world. If I am driving down the road and someone is parked on the side, I will always stop and see if they need help. Recently, I also purchased a prepaid cellphone for what is now a great friend, then just another random person in need. Let’s just say that she was in a bad spot in her life and just needed a little help to get things rolling, and I am more than happy that I could do that for her. I also try to help others out online as much as I can, I always get random people skyping me asking something about their website or how to program this or do that, and I always try to help as much as possible.

Days 15-21, I will highlight the suggestion to be very very visible. I think that I have begun achieving this more and more by appearing on Blab as much as possible, blogging whenever a random idea pops into my head and even surfing more than I normally would and using the chat in the surfbar. Be authentic is another suggestion made and I agree that standing out from the crowd helps grow your business. Unfortunately not everything I have to say about this industry is good, but it is my opinion and I stand by it. I think we can do so much more and become better as a whole if we all worked together and that will be my goal until I am happy that changes are being made. That is how I plan to continue to be authentic.

Days 22-25 had a really good suggestion of writing down ideas as soon as they “Pop Up” or you think of them. I do not know how many times I have jotted something down on a napkin or my memo app thing on my phone. I always have random bits of craziness pop into my head that I write down and come back to later. S.M.A.R.T. goals was something that I had never heard of before and as I have implemented it more and more, I feel there is something substantial to it. Try it out if you haven’t yet.

Days 26-30, I would like to highlight Ask questions and Embrace Passion. These two should be at the core of any business no matter what it is. You should learn everything you possibly can about your business or niche or industry. Ask as many questions as you can wherever and whenever you can. There are a few people that I am always asking random questions to and they always answer and have yet to tell me to leave them alone. So I encourage you to ask questions too. Passion, this is what is needed and truly shows when you love what you do. Without passion, nobody would care about anything. Yes there are always going to be things that we are more passionate about over others, but I LOVE WHAT I DO and I have a true passion for it. I even took the time to learn to program and do coding myself, I am willing to learn everything possible about my business and that shows just a bit as to how passionate I truly am about my business.

There are a couple more days and suggestions shown in the book, but I will not spoil it for you. Because I know that you are probably already a member and haven’t even read the book or done anything with it. You’re only lying to yourself right now…

I do suggest that everyone take the time to read this book, even if it is just one paragraph a day like I did. No need to overwhelm yourself. No need to rush into everything just to make a dollar. The more you learn, the more you will probably earn. Take the time to go back and read this book. You really should.

I am not going to put my referral link up to the program, but I will link to the book itself. I would rather you not join and read the book versus joining and not doing anything but promoting it. It is more worth it to actually read.

You can see the link here to download –> CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD

If you really really want to join the program and cannot find the link in the ebook, send me a message on skype and I will give you mine.

As always, if you have comments or actually read the book, please let me know below!

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  1. Rather scathing opening but overall a very good well thought out review, as with anything there those that do and dont . The ones that dont are the ones not reading your blog post to get the point of what you are calling “the majority of the people”

    1. I agree with you there Tim. A lot of people have blinders on and are only looking for one thing and it isn’t knowledge

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