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  1. Blain,

    You hit the nail on the head here!

    These Skype Spam Softwares (or S3’s as I like to call them) do nothing more than piss people off and get them to block you.

    Sending out a broadcast message to all of your connections is like getting on stage at a networking event and screaming that everyone should check out your opportunity. It’s just wrong.

    Great video blog post!

    – Jared

  2. Hey Blain,

    Great post and I could not agree with you more. I have seen a lot about xSky recently and I’ve looked closely at the sales materials for it. Having done so I could see absolutely no reason to use it in my own marketing campaigns.

    How on earth can spamming your Skype contacts with sales pitches be in anyone’s inteterests?

    Like you I use Skype to connect with my friends, my customers and anyone who wants to know more about me or the products I recommend.

    For building my list I use Aweber with an opt-in form where I invite people to come to me. I would never dream of targeting my Skype contacts with random marketing offers and neither do I expect others to do that to me.

    If anyone can come up with a convincing reason why I should use xSky then I would love to hear what it is.

    In fact I would even settle for a half-way convincing reason right now.


  3. I guess it’s hard to call this a review when you haven’t actually tried the software.

    I do agree with you that I would never use a product like this to spam my skype list… however there have been times when I have wanted to send out a mass announcement to all of my skype contacts, or at least a segmented part of my skype list.

    The idea of using skype to list build is interesting to me. Having the ability to instantly chat one-on-one with someone after you send out an announcement would be a very powerful thing. Obviously if you only use the software to send spam you are going to get blocked but the same thing will happen with an email list.

    I can imagine some legitimate ways to use this software but I suspect most people will probably abuse it in the ways you mentioned.

    1. You are right, its not really a review. But my feelings on what I have seen of this software. From what I see, this seems to be just like when twitter first got big, and everyone was jumping on the we need 10,000 followers to blast our pitch to every 10 minutes and they will be buying from me and Ill be a millionaire.

      My aspect, is why not use a social tool like this as it should be, and not like its going to be some miracle product that will message everyone of my latest affiliate promotion and they will all buy it.

      The targeting for this product (from what I have seen) is all wrong and its being pitched as an affiliate opportunity. Why not just promote something for the quality of the product itself instead of how much money you can make off of it.

      I am sure there are plenty of legitimate ways to use this. And if anyone has used it as such. Please I want to hear your comments about how you are using it.

      1. Blain right on the money I see this software creating a giantic Pitch Feast so I’ll be blocking people too…… In fact I’m about to lose more than half of my 200 or so followers on twitter for that same reason.

        Keep up the fine work and I’m looking foward to your next video……

  4. *clap clap clap*

    Bravo man…I agree with what Jerry said but I wouldn’t join this thing even if they paid me…Any of these automatic programs, auto submit, auto anything….Urgggh.

    Anyways, I’m sure it will be abused. It will hurt Skype for real relationships and hey, someone will make money so…..I.M. Spew!

  5. Hi Blain,

    Has a couple of x-sky blasts also so went to have a look at it. Conclusion totally agree with you.
    Will not be part of my business either.


  6. Blain

    I waited for this video ANd it rocks Man !

    Keep the videos coming and dont stop there is a ton ov value in this.
    You look at this business like it is yours way to own it …….

    James Dias

  7. Thanks for the great comments everyone! I love hearing everyone’s opinion on this and everything I blog about!

  8. Dude.. First I don’t think it’s fair to ‘review’ something you haven’t actually used..

    That being said, I totally agree. Everyone who sends me ‘mass messages’ more than personal ones don’t find themselves on my list much longer..

    But in reality the guy who made the software is actually a really great guy and I’m glad some of his software has finally gotten him somewhere, though I think this software is totally used for the wrong reason – that reason being sending me messages I instantly ignore.

    I never wanted to join Skype to begin with because I knew it was going to be spammed, and it is..

    Two thumbs up to the not joining a program for it’s pay plan.. I’ve been preaching that for years but I still see pay plans marketed everywhere.. as I’ve been saying.. “Successful marketers buy products, unsuccessful marketers buy opportunities.”

    You can make sure not to add me to your xSky lists either…

    Great video Blain..

    Can I give 1 suggestion though? Provide a manuscript, some people hate watching videos (or can’t watch, due to technical issues) and won’t hear your message for that reason alone..

    1. good one John Bell! can I sue it for all the skype spammers? “Two thumbs up to the not joining a program for it’s pay plan.. I’ve been preaching that for years but I still see pay plans marketed everywhere.. as I’ve been saying.. “Successful marketers buy products, unsuccessful marketers buy opportunities.””

  9. Blain, does this mean that you don’t like xSky 🙂

    Actually I totally agree with what you have listed as your impressions of this program, and how it is being advertised and misapplied.

    There may be specific uses for this kind of mass broadcasting other than spamming but it will just be much too tempting for many if not most users to do anything with it other than spamming.

    Keep up the reviews, and as you have already done just continue to state it as your opinion and all will be well.

    William A. Miller II

  10. Well you know what I think about this stuff. People can argue that it just takes training to teach people how to use it correctly. Which is for the most part true. But for everyone 1 person who uses it the right way, there are 100 people who abuse it and once again ruin a good thing for everyone else.

    1. Craig,

      I read your review. Very Nice. Yes you can post your link here. I want to know your opinion, which is why I let everyone post comments, unless its complete spam crap.

      From your review though, I would like to see the thread you did on http://warriorforum.com about this.

  11. Hey Blain

    Hope your having a great morning so far.

    Unfortunately the forum topic was deleted by the moderator after Todd Hirsch started bashing my review. He thought he would try to bring in some fresh meat by having his members bash me but didn’t work to well considering I have quite a few friends in there who had my back. It was a cool post for a while.

    Whats killing me is Todd feels he still has to send me hateful mails. I am at like 15 emails from him since yesterday afternoon. He decided he was going to unsubscribe from several of my lists and report me as spam and add his little hateful comments.

    Crazy how he is a program owner but yet the professionalism in his emails are by far the killer part.

    Thanks Blain for all you do. Ill definitely be coming here frequently now I see from the other comments that you got the good guys here like Jon Olson,Jerry Lannucci and John Gaunzon over there.

    Talk Soon

    1. Opps one other thing. I have a Facebook event going on xsky explaining what the software is actually doing and how they are training people to use it. If you look down at the bottom under edit you will see a great explanation how they are teaching people and how dangerous this tool is for skype groups.

      (Facebook link removed, if you want to see the facebook group, please go to Craig’s blog.)

      1. Sorry Craig, had to remove the link. If you want to find out more about this group, please visit Craig’s blog.

  12. Listen.

    The people here that are being negative have not even used xSky.

    Yes some people may use it wrong… but it is still a very good tool and a great piece of Software.

    Craig Caron and a few others are on a smear campaign and have nothing better then you.

    Message Magic has been out for years… and does the same things!! Except xSky has features add that make it possible to use it responsibly. With xSky you can filter your list. You can broadcast just to the ones that want your broadcasts. It is very much like permission based Email marketing.

    We have some of the top internet marketers in xSky. The “bigger” marketers on this page being negative actually look kinda scared. Do not be afraid of xSky. It is ok!! People are still buying your stuff on Email marketing and using the traffic exchanges!!

    Have a wonderful day.

  13. I have been using Sweeva for almost a year now. I use the traffic exchanges also. I am also a student of Email marketing and have big Email lists. I am also a video marketer. I also use the phone. I use a lot of tools for internet marketing. I build real relationships online.

    xSky is just another tool. A very good tool, and a very advanced piece of software.

    I have had more success with my online marketing though using Skype because it is more personal.

    I wish everyone here success and I value everyone’s honest opinions.

    I have to get to work now… stay blessed…

    Todd Hirsch
    xSky Software LLC

    Skype me!! my id is… toddhirsch


  14. I have a hammer i can use it to bash someone on the head with it or i can build a house with it.

    I have a knife i can kill with it or i can make a nice sculpture with it or a doctor can use it to save some lives with it.

    gmail,hotmail.and yes even youtube i get spammed with it by almost everyone in here do i still use it to communicate with my family and friends yes i do.

    Beer or Wine do i have some yes do i drink heavy everyday no.

    My point is people will abuse almost anything out there doesn’t mean the tool or product beeing abused is bad its people that abuse it.

    xsky is a great tool to communicate with your already formed list instead of sending a message out to every single person one at a time no diffrent than emailing your list.

    xSky is a great tool D’oont be scared of it embrasse it with open arms as it will help you comunicate much faster with your list.

  15. Hey Blain.

    As the software creator and developer, I feel like I need to say something here. 🙂

    Believe it or not, but I actually agree with you buddy – there are people mis-using it, but the major part of the abuse, and where everyone drew their bad impression of xSky from, was the beta phase. I feel that is my own fault. We wanted like 6-8 beta testers, but ended up with 100, and since they were not paying, they had nothing to loose.

    I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the amount of xSky spammers has been reduced a lot, and many more are starting to use it as a relationship-building tool. Blain, you said you wanted to know about the right ways to use the software, kudos to you for actually wanting to gather the facts. We actually have trainings that teach people to use it the right way.

    To make a long story short: The Right Way is to communicate with your contacts. Its a proven fact that people buy from people (they know), right? xSky helps you start the conversation, and makes it easier to organize your contacts in, say, what programs you know they are in, what their interests are, etc.

    We promoted it with too much hype, and that was wrong. We basically just did as “we heard it was supposed to be done”, however it was done for the wrong kind of product.

    I hope this clarifies a few things. 🙂

    – Jeff

  16. I’m all for xSky.

    it’s totoally awesome tool. I use it before i use my autoresponder, before i post any ad campaign to test my work from among my frends. saves a bunch of time.

    its a lot of power.

    Arvell Lewis

  17. I have been using Skype for several years now and have developed several large contact lists that have opted in through a confirmation email to receive messages from me periodically through Skype.

    I use xSky to help send a broadcast to these lists all at once and actually has saved me several hours of sending the messages one at a time.

    I agree with the fact that xSky can be abused and if it is I am sure that Skype as well as xSky itself will take corrective actions to help control spam. I know personally that Skype will actually suspend and/or terminate a Skype account for abuse and violation to their terms of services.

    Never the less – MercuryMaxim and Message Magic have been on the seen for a few years now and has been used to do the same things that people using xSky are being accused of.

    If you want to criticize and censor things for spam then you should speak up against T.V., Cable & Satellite, Text messages, Phone calls even regular snail mail as well for receiving unsolicited contact.

    The bottom line is regardless if you use email, xSky, MessageMagic, MercuryMaxim, text messaging, telemarketing, even snail mail – you are going to receive unsolicited messages.

    Is it the companies that create the tools that are used to carryout this type of activity or is it the people who are actually using the tools to blame?

    I say it is the people using the tools inappropriately and not the company.

    I am all for xSky and applaud xSky for the development of this tool – at least it works better than Mercury Maxim and Message Magic which hangs and seize up too often.

    Randy Howard

  18. No matter what you guys believe that I am attacking Todd for personal reasons. I have no reason. I don’t even really know the guy. Here is the bigger picture when using the software. You teach your students this in your training.

    Why are Skype chat rooms so dangerous (if not fatal) to your networking success?

    Probably the first and most important lesson a person learns in growing an income is you need a list of responsive contacts. That is key… probably your most important asset.

    One of the core pieces of training I’ve seen being promoted heavily is that everyone should use Skype chat rooms, and this is being demonstrated by example via using Skype chat rooms for training sessions. What most people don’t realize is that using Skype chat rooms is a sure way to give away all your contacts, which obviously is an absolute NO NO in the networking industry.

    In fact, this is one of the main reasons a well known Skype Tips person was fired from Message Magic a couple years ago.

    Another part to the training in these Skype chat rooms even goes on to show people how to use a product to capture the user details of every person in every chat room session they’ve ever been in…

    In other words, if you really think about it, people are being set up to give their contacts away, and the bottom line is this… You have to ask yourself who is the primary beneficiary of that type of training?

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it isn’t you… no, it is the people organizing, promoting and doing the training of course. Not only will you show up in that room, but you’ll most likely bring some of your best contacts with you. And I’d bet anyone a dollar that it will become commonplace for each of these organizers, promoters and trainers to be invited into about every chat room out there because of their “expertise”… as a result, what do those people get? Every contact from every one of those rooms!

    Here is a comment right from your skype chat room.

    As far as I’m concerned this practice is unethical and shady and should be avoided at all costs. Consider yourself warned!
    CASE STUDY -> Proof right from the xsky Group Chat…
    [5/10/2011 10:13:02 AM] Jonathan Gillardi, CEO: I was thinking about all the negative comments Mary and a few made last nite after Todd posted the link. Let me ask you something, When Julie and Lawrence do the “xSky” trainings, at the end of their training they promote their paid system, do they not ??? Just my 2 cents….

    1. “Skype chat rooms is a sure way to give away all your contacts, which obviously is an absolute NO NO in the networking industry.”

      Well what exactly do you define “networking” as then? It’s about expanding your network, right? And now you are telling me who I can network with, and who I cant network with?

  19. Blain I totally agree with you and I have had to delete and block xsky spammers myself.

    Someone said that xsky is just like an autoresponder and I don’t agree with that. Emails that I get from an autoresponder are emails that I have signed up to get. The spam I got from xsky I did not sign up for and they said in the letter that if I did not want to be on the list I should unsub. Well why should I unsub from something I never signed up for in the first place. These people had never contacted me in any way on a personal level and first contact I had with them was this mass mail thing.

    I use skype to mentor and to build relationships. I do this one on one or in very small groups. I do not do it by mass skyping tons and tons of people. I give my skype out freely but u spam me and u are gone.

    Keep up the GREAT work, Blain.


  20. While I agree with nearly 100% of what you are saying, I don’t really understand why you would immediately block someone who in fact spams you…

    why not point out to them how much you don’t care for it, ask them to please stop, if they do it again,
    then go ahead and block away.

    you have to remember that sometimes people get excited about the next new “tool” and probably just want to give it a whirl, not thinking they are really going to make a million bucks but are eager and have no intention of being annoying.

    At least, give your “Friends” a second chance…Right?

    They’ll understand and if they don’t they are not you’re friends, hard of hearing and still very easy to block them.

    Is it possible to agree with all your guy’s statements without making this out to be a lynch mob?

    just my .23 cents… you’ve heard of inflation right? LOL

  21. Before you make complaints,try it first so you will know if it will really give good or bad effects..Like tasting food,may look same to others but if you will try some,you will know the difference…:_)…

    Hmmm,,it is really a part of business world the “crab-Mentality”..Pulling people down….But anyways,I will keep using xSky cause I know it helps not only me but to other people who use it now…Mind your own business Mr. Jared and Mr. Blain:-)…Maybe can focus making videos to help other lives successful…than you use that “crab-mentality” attitude..

  22. Wow…. xSky is helping another “internet marketer” get some traffic to his blog. I guess we are the hot topic of the day. 🙂

    I want to first say that I am a co-owner of xSky. There are some false statements here on this page.

    First of all.

    We do provide training on the right ways to use xSky. We have daily webinars and we have 3 Skype rooms full to the limit that we use for trainings and questions. We teach to use the ignore list feature that we have so that people that are super sensitive to a broadcasted message can be put in the “ignore” list. This way you can still stay friends.

    We teach people not to send out only sales messages. We teach people to use the tool responsibly. There are many others features xSky also besides just the broadcast feature.

    This Guy…. Brian Schilling… is funny…”I agree with you, there probably are countless users of xSky and other software like it (including Message Magic, which I use) who use it responsibly.”

    Message Magic has NO ignore list and they never did trainings on the “right way” to use it.

    xSky also is a contact management tool and has some really cool features besides the broadcaster.

    Some people here make some valid points. To me it is funny to see how sensitive some are to receiving an offer of any kind. I agree spam is annoying, but some people I think have anger issues towards life and take it out on “spam”.

    When you accept someone as a contact on Skype you agree to get messages from them. If you do not like a certain message you have the option to block them. People have been “spamming” on Skype for years already. You do not need xSky to spam on Skype. People copy and paste messages and spam that way. Message Magic has been out for 3 years now and never put options in to make it more like permission based marketing.

    We at xSky have features that make using xSky more like permission based Email marketing. You can “opt out” of broadcasts. There are many people using xSky responsibly. I send out broadcasts to people in my list and I get nothing but positive results. I have built relationships on Skype and there are people in my list that LOVE my broadcasts. I also however have people in my ignore list that I never broadcast to.

    I believe that xSky should be used wisely and not just to go crazy with it and send out sales message after sales message. It is annoying a little.. but some people are really cry babies about it I think.

    I get some sale messages everyday (spam) it however does not bother me and I actually look at the offers sometimes. A major point you missed is that if you accept someone as a contact you agree to get messages from them.. sales messages or not. It is just funny to me to see an “internet marketer” crying about spam.. but then they pitch you something right after…lol

    xSky is really meant for the people with big Skype lists that want to organize them and have the option to broadcast messages. It is an amazing tool.

    It is true that marketing on Skype is more effective then E-mail marketing.
    Most marketing Emails never get opened.

    I am happy that people are discussing the positive side of xSky here also. We at xSky Software LLC do not condone spam. We Do teach responsible use of xSky. People learn fast to use it responsibly or they get many people blocking them. xSky will be here for years to come. We developed with the help of the Skype community. We are 100% in the TOS guide lines of Skype. We have 100% right to make xSky. The MSN buy of Skype will not change anything as far as the Skype API.

    Thank you for the discussion. xSky is growing everyday.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Todd Hirsch
    Skype Me…toddhirsch

  23. Todd why do you persist on going to every blog and telling yourself what a great program xsky is.

    Are you trying to reassure yourself that the program is good.

    Let me reassure your feeling real quick.


    Read my review..

    I see you took your name off the sales page as the owner.

    Todd don’t you know that bragging about how great your product is, will just get people not to want to use it.

    Obviously your really hurting for sales if that is the only thing you can do.

    I see on your blog how many people love your software considering all 5 comments. 3 comments being comments from the owner and 1 being a trainer.

    Dude seriously grow up already and quit raping peoples blogs.

    At least bring some vaseline next time. And hopefully you have something worth saying because you sound like a broken record.

    Piss off already your like an annoying bug

  24. wow… that was so professional Craig.

    I just checked our numbers… and WOW…

    xSky sold a lot of copies today!! Our members did!

    One guy sold 30 copies by himself.

    so my point is.. while you were acting childish and trying to prove a point… xSky was growing…

    Success feels good….

  25. And your acting just as much a kid as me by feeding into it. No one will ever win so why keep responding

  26. WOW so many jealous people in here.

    Youtube——> Spam tool do i use it yes

    facebook—–>Spam tool do i use it yes

    twitter———> Spam Tool yes do i use it yes

    My cable Tv —–>spam tool Yes do i watch tv

    Almost everything can be used as a spam tool Doesn’t mean we stop using it.



  27. Think about it:

    Do guns kill people? NO its the person making the choice
    Can you spam people from your email account…YES. Is it google/msn/yahoo fault? NO, its the person’s fault who decided to take those actions.
    Drunk driver kills someone in an accident, is it Fords fault? NO, its the actions of the individual.

    You have the ability to contact people via xsky (which you have anyways, even without) but its YOUR choice to ‘spam’ them.

    Its called personal accountability!!! Think about it and then make a constructive review!

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