Let’s Make Some Mistakes!

Posted by Blain | On: Jan 22 2014 | Comments (2)
Today, I want to talk about making mistakes. Are mistakes good or bad? What mistakes have I made? And probably some other things that I decide to rant about along the way! So, is making mistakes good or bad? Well they are a little bit and a whole lot of both!...

“Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 15 2011 | Comments (13)
Yeah, its true. Aside from winning the lottery and someone giving you a million dollars. It is basically impossible to make a ton of money overnight. The biggest problem that I see today, is all these people coming out with new products saying that you can make...

Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing!

Posted by Blain | On: Apr 12 2011 | Comments (4)
So, I am sitting in on an impromptu meeting at Traffic-Exchange-Live and Jon Olson say’s “Internet Marketers Are Killing Internet Marketing”. I believe this is true for the simple fact that all Internet Marketer’s seem to care about anymore...