Let’s Make Some Mistakes!

Today, I want to talk about making mistakes. Are mistakes good or bad? What mistakes have I made? And probably some other things that I decide to rant about along the way!

So, is making mistakes good or bad? Well they are a little bit and a whole lot of both! Mistakes are good because you learn from them and bad because they can and do cost you time and/or money. The key or trick here is to minimize your mistakes and keep them as small as possible when they do happen. I.E., if I want to work on how SiteXplosion works within the surfbar, then I probably shouldn’t do it during peak surfing times (because I have been known to shut it down on accident!). read more

“Overnight Riches” Is A MYTH

Yeah, its true. Aside from winning the lottery and someone giving you a million dollars. It is basically impossible to make a ton of money overnight.

The biggest problem that I see today, is all these people coming out with new products saying that you can make money quickly online. “All you have to do is copy this, and you can be rich too!” I am tired of that crap. What it takes to make a decent living online, is the same that it takes to make a decent living offline. Hard work and dedication. read more