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I have been checking out a lot of blogs this past week. And in doing that, I have been clicking on a bunch of the links on the blogs that lead to external sites, whether they be advertisements or just a link to someone else’s blog. The problem is that when I click on this link, it doesn’t open in a new window, and when I am done browsing whatever I clicked on, I cannot return to the original starting point with ease. Sure, I could just click the back button a few thousand times and maybe eventually end up back there. But, my attention span is close to that of a 5 year old watching 300 shiny objects.

It seems to just be easier to click that cool “X” in the corner, versus searching for what I was originally doing. So I was thinking to myself, why doesn’t everyone make links open in a new window so that their viewers or users or members or whatevs can easily return to what they were doing before they caught shiny object syndrome? Then I realized that maybe not everyone knows how to make this happen. So here we are today writing this post.

This is what a standard link of some sort would look in html:

Click ME I'm Shiny!

And this is what it will look like when you want it to open in a new window:

Click ME I'm Shiny!

Simple right?!!!
So there you go, you now have such a simple yet powerful tool on your side. Go out there, use this tool with care and remember that the force is with you.

As always, let me know how you feel and your comments on anything and everything.

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