Well, it just happened!! I am now a Dolphin within the HIVE community. I have over 5,000 Hive power now staked. This is only the start, there is always a next goal to achieve. Just keep working at it day in, day out.

The best part is that within the CTPtalk community we are starting to get more and more Dolphin status members. Our goal is a community of people helping each other out. And the more Dolphin’s we have, the easier it is.

This method and system works, just keep chugging along and it all starts to pay off, slowly but surely. There is no method to get rich overnight, but slow and steady will almost always win the race!!

I don’t have a special challenge or anything cool to do with this, I just want to continue to build the CTP and CTPtalk community as the best community out there. This community stays consistent and supports each other, and that is the goal. Together we will all see success!!

Thank you and have a great evening!

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