Build Your List: Part 1 (Contests)

Today in the middle of coding the rebuild for ClickTrackProfit (You are rebuilding CTP??, ugh, yes… Unfortunately I think that the site needs to be and look better, and since everything is super customized a simple redesign is not going to work. So I must go through every single page and update everything to reflect the direction Jongo and I are currently heading with the site!) and YES, it will be AMAZING!!!

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, I took a break a few minutes ago and thought of something that I thought would help all you list builders out! The concept is actually super simple and really easy to do as I have done it in the past very successfully.

This simple “thing” for lack of a better word is what helped me explode my list building almost 10 years ago now, and while normally I would just do this myself, I simply do not have the time to setup and maintain it. But if you are a list building affiliate and want to increase your subscribers as well as your referrals in multiple programs, this just might be for you!

DISCLAIMER: This only works if you make it work and you put in the effort. I am going to be completely honest and transparent here: When I did this originally, I was sending thousands, YES thousands of hits to my lead capture pages (I believe I was using 4 different ones to promote the same thing). I was sending these hits daily. That means I was getting thousands of hits DAILY to my lead capture pages. If you do this “thing” and only send a hundred hits to your lead capture page(s), you probably will not see success. Heck, you might send thousands daily to your lead capture pages and still not see success, but that really depends on a literal ton of different variables. So I just wanted to let you know that if this does not work for you, then do not blame me! But at the end of the day, one more subscriber is better than none!

Okay, let us get into the meat and potatoes of my idea or “thing”. I seriously doubt that it is “my” idea though. There are many different versions of what I am about to explain, and I highly suggest you make your own version that better suits you!

Step 1: You need a list. If you do not have a list setup or are not building your list, the realistic point of view is that you will fail whether be in 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years. You simply cannot succeed without a method of following up with your customers! EVERY SINGLE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IN 2020 HAS A LIST!

Step 2: As an affiliate you need some programs that you would refer people to. This can be ANYTHING you want it to be. I highly recommend that you actually use these programs as well as like them.

Step 3: Write an email series review of each program in your own words, why do you like it, what made you join it, what is good and bad about it, etc.. The more personable you are, the better it is.

Step 4: Setup your email series in your list or your autoresponder.

Step 5: This is where it gets fun! You are going to create a contest! You can keep it simple or make it as in-depth as you want it to be! For my contest, here is what I did:

  • I gave away $20 a month ($20 is the lowest you should go)
  • Everyone that subscribed to my list got 1 entry into the contest
  • For every program joined as my referral they earned an additional entry into the contest
  • If they upgraded, that was another 1 or 2 points into the contest

I kept track of everything on an excel spreadsheet, you can also use google docs or whatever method you feel works best for you!

At the end of the month I would simply assign a number to each entry into the contest in the order they were earned, so it might look something like this in excel:

Now it is time to do a recording! It can be live or prerecorded or whatever you would like. You can host it anywhere you want! The goal here is for you to get on camera!

Once you are live, just google “random number generator”. It will give you the options for min and max number. I like to have fun so I start with 1 and 10. That results will tell me the number of times I am going to spin for a winner. Once I have my base number, I change the max number to the number of entries, so in the image above we have 12 entries, so I set min and max to 1 and 12 respectively.

Then I generate a random number, but like I said, I like to have fun! So I take the first number I got that was between 1 and 10 (say it was 3) and I click the generate button 3 times. Whatever the final number is, that is the winner! So if it is 7 then in my list Jeff would win the $20!

All you have to do at this point is send Jeff an email saying “YOU JUST WON $20 IN MY MONTHLY RAFFLE!!” Then send them the money in whatever method you prefer. You can even mail a crisp $20 if you are feeling froggy!

That is it, that is the method that I used to increase my subscribers while at the same time building my downlines in multiple programs. If you get a huge turn out your first month trying it, you can always increase the amount at any time throughout the month, BUT NEVER decrease the amount during the month. This builds distrust very quickly and upsets more people than you realize!

If you end up using this “thing” to help you build your list, please let me know and also leave a comment!

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