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Today we are going to talk about sales. As a business owner, I LOVE SALES. But something I live by is that sales are a by-product.

Truthfully, unless you are selling a necessity, which you probably are not. Then you need to focus on quality rather than quantity. Quantity will happen but it will not happen over night. It can happen overnight if you have enough money to make that happen. But realistically, the majority of small business owners (to include internet based business’) do not have the capital to become a “success” overnight. Success needs to be built.

Let us use ClickTrackProfit as an example or CTP for short. CTP is using what is known as the “Freemium” business model. With this model we provide training and content to all of our members regardless if they have purchased anything or not. You can get a piece of almost everything CTP has to offer without paying us a single dime. And that has always been and will always be the focus of Jon and I. We want our members to “fall in love” with our product (CTP). So we are always focusing on providing better and better content. This is the quality part.

When a member, and not all of them will (and that is OKAY), decide they want to upgrade or purchase something in CTP, it is NOT because we have lobbed sales pitch after sales pitch at them. It is because they want the product in question.

Do we have offers? Of course we do, why wouldn’t we try to save our customers a little money if they wanted to purchase something? HECK last year for Black Friday we did a “Name Your Price” sale. We didn’t offer anything specific for a specified discount price. If you, the member, wanted to purchase something, we just let you name your own price.

Nothing that we do or ever will do will be focused on trying to “sell” you a product in any way. We ALWAYS want to provide you with quality content and IF you decide to upgrade or purchase something, we are forever grateful, because at the end of the day. We are all in the affiliate marketing business so that we don’t have to work what I call a “real job”, meaning I would have to actually put on pants (gross…).

Jon and I do two webinars every single week. Monday’s are focused on crypto, ctptalk, and hive and what is going on with them. Thursday’s are focused more on the affiliate marketing side where we talk about what is going on in our world as well as give out information and tips for up and coming affiliate marketers. The only “sales pitch” that you might hear is our light-hearted “Buy our stuff” and even that is more of a joke than anything else to everyone in attendance.

But as you build your business, you should focus on content and quality of anything else. The sales will come naturally as they should and will build in time. Now here is the trade secret that everyone wants to know:

As a business owner or affiliate marketer, you have to actually show up each and every day possible and do something. No matter how small or large that something is, showing up is the majority of the battle. If you can nail down the showing up part and continue your focus on quality over quantity, you can win this affiliate marketing/business ownership war.

That is all for building a better business today. As always, please let me know your thoughts and opinions!

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