CTP Content Challenge Updates and Winner!

First and foremost I want to congratulate Rob Willmann (@robwillmann) for being the first winner in the CTP Content Challenge! Jon published a calendar to help people build their 30 days of content and Rob was the first person to publish a completed calendar so he won a random prize!

Did I also mention that I will be giving out random prizes throughout this entire competition! All you have to do is take action and you could win!

If you have not read about the challenge yet, you can go here to read all about the 30 Day Content Challenge created by myself and @jongolson.

If you want to know about the add-on that I did for the challenge you can read it on my blog here. But to sum it up, I am giving away $1,000 in Hive and Hive-Engine Tokens for people just to create content for 30 days straight! I will also be giving away random prizes to people that take action!


I wanted to add a few rules to the challenge, because the goal is to have unique content that helps you build your brand and build your business online. So below are the additional rules and requirements. I will also update the contest page with them:

  1. All content must be unique to you.
  2. Content cannot be included in another challenge or event on Hive.

Remember, our goal is to get you to build better content that is unique to you. You can make it really easy by writing about something you love or thoroughly enjoy doing, it will make writing easier! You can also watch the webinars that Jon and I do on Monday’s and Thursday’s to get some ideas for your writing. Our webinars can be found here.

You can also join us on telegram here if you have questions or need help building your calendar that can be found in the original challenge post by @clicktrackprofit.

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