CTP Content Challenge Winners!

We started this journey on August 15 with the challenge of getting people to write a post a day for 30 days consecutively.

The challenge went on for 3 and a half months to give everyone an opportunity to join and complete the challenge, some people even started over because they forgot to post one day or missed the time by 10 minutes because GMT is tricky when you live in Chicago!

But, at the end of the day we had 23 people complete the challenge! Congrats to everyone that tried and especially to everyone that was able to complete the challenge!!

We announced the winners during our Crypto Mondays show, which can be caught on Vimm, Twitch, and Facebook every Monday night at 8PM EST (7PM EST tonight because Jon and football), but I digress…

Early on during the challenge, I queried our telegram group and the votes were nearly unanimous to have random prizes given out. So, I built 3 prize wheels, 1 with the names of everyone that completed it, 1 with random amounts ranging from $10 to $300 and one with the tokens that could be won.

And here are the results:

  • @bala41288 CTPM $25
  • @fiberfrau INDEX $25
  • @cmmemes CTPM $10
  • @maddogmike CTPM $25
  • @nevies CTPM $10
  • @threesteps HIVE $25
  • @rupinder CTPM $25
  • @hirohurl HIVE $25
  • @elianaicgomes CTP $10
  • @vikbuddy HIVE $300
  • @ayobamiakin CTP $10
  • @harpreetjanda CTP $25
  • @bradleyarrow INDEX $25
  • @johnandgrace HIVE $50
  • @badbitch CTP $50
  • @darmst5339 HIVE $25
  • @lisamgentile1961 INDEX $100
  • @steemmillionaire CTPM $25
  • @jacoalberts CTPM $25
  • @russellstockley CTPM $10
  • @achim03 INDEX $25
  • @mba2020 HIVE $50
  • @namok CTP $100

Thank you again for everyone that completed and took part in the challenge, and be on the look out for our next challenge (I heard it is going to be comment focused)!

I will be buying HIVE and transferring all of the winnings within the next hour!

  • D8f8LrS5fY

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