The CTP Content Challenge!


1. You must manually enter the challenge by entering your Hive username below
2. You must post consecutively for 30 days at a minimum on a single account
3. Your posts must be longer than 1 paragraph (Unless you post a video, see Rule 4)
4. It is Highly recommeneded that your video post contain a text summary of what you talk about in the video
5. You must complete the 30 day challenge by 30 November 2021
6. You must use the tag #ctpcontent in your posts (it must be recorded as a tag in the hive post)
7. All content must be unique to you
8. Content cannot be included in another challenge or event on Hive


$1,000 worth of Hive and Hive-Engine tokens. Prizes will be awarded randomly both in token type and amount based on number of total entries.

I will also be giving away random prizes throughout the challenge! Check the winners block below to see who has won a random prize.

Account Prize
@robwillmann 100 INDEX
@darmst5339 500 HP
@johnandgrace 10K CTPP
@hirohurl 200 INDEX

Once you register for the challenge, your posts will be tracked automatically. Please allow up to 5 minutes after you post for your post to be counted.

There will be random manual checks on posts throughout the challenge to ensure all posts meet the minimum requirements.

ALL content must be unique to the user posting the account. The only acceptable non-unique content can be images, but the original creator MUST be credited.

If your post includes tags or mentions as a part of another challenge or event on Hive, that post will not be counted.