List Building Funnels: Part 1

Today I figured I would talk about the list building funnel. The thing is that the “funnel” is the easy part. It is all of the parts that make the funnel work that are the “hard” parts.

In order to build a funnel properly you need to have quite a few things setup before you even begin your first campaign. That is where we will focus today!

The absolute first thing that you need in order to get started is your “why”:

  • Why do people want to sign up to your list
  • Why do people want to stay subscribed to your list
  • Why should people care about your list

For me, this is easy. I like helping people through many methods, whether it be through training using a site like ClickTrackProfit or just helping people out in Telegram or Discord. I have random people that ask me for help in many different ways all the time. I have a lot of knowledge and have built and branded myself as an “expert” in quite a few things, more specifically programming and list building. I know the ins and outs of these things.

So if you were someone that was looking for help building your business, building your list, programming a website, etc.. I might be someone that you turn to for those things. This is my WHY.

The second thing that we need to setup our list building funnel is an autoresponder. This allows us to easily send out emails to people that have subscribed to our list. I like using TrafficWave. TrafficWave is simple, easy to use, and has been around for quite a few years now. So this choice is an easy choice for me.

Once we have our autoresponder we need to setup a few things before we even get to writing emails, creating content, or even developing Lead Capture Pages or LCPs. Setting up a campaign in TrafficWave or your chosen autoresponder is fairly simple and straightforward so I will not be covering how to do that in this blog series. You can also find training on how to setup a campaign for TrafficWave inside ClickTrackProfit.

I will, however, hit on a couple things that we need to setup once we have our campaign created. More specifically “Thank You” pages. I have always been a HUGE advocate of using Thank-You pages. These simple pages afford us the opportunity to continue to brand ourselves and let our subscribers know that they are on the correct path.

The first Thank-You page that we need is the subscribe thank you. This is nothing more than a simple page that says “Thank You For Subscribing”. The other thing that this page needs to do is direct the subscriber to check their email for the confirmation message. With everything in our funnel, we always want to ensure we are directing the subscriber down a path that we have created. DO NOT let them try to find their own way. SPELL OUT in detail exactly what the subscriber needs to do next:

  • Go to your email provider
  • Find the email I just sent you from “”
  • Click on the confirm link in that email

The second Thank-You page is the confirmation thank you. This lets the subscriber know that they have confirmed to receive emails from you and also gives us a continued chance to brand ourselves while also being able to put in a little offer. The flow should look something similar to this:

  • Thanks for Confirming your subscription to my newsletter about all thing Blain!
  • Make sure you whitelist and add me to your contact list in your email provider
  • I will always send emails from “”
  • Also, since you are interested in X, check out this cool e-book that I found that could help you!

Overall, you want to keep everything as simple as possible and keep the subscriber on a specified path. This makes everything simple for them so they are more likely to stay on the path that you have created.

That concludes Part 1 of List Building Funnels. I will continue to post more content related to this. If you are more interested in building your list or creating a funnel feel free to check out ClickTrackProfit a training site built specifically to help everyone start their path of making money online as an affiliate!

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