My 5 Year Goals

Today I wanted to take the time to write out and break down my goals. It would be super cool if others wrote out their goals too! Just Saying…

Normally, I see quite a few posts on Hive Goals, but I wanted to cover all goals. So this would include personal, professional, etc..

When we try to figure out our goals we need to know what really matters to us. In the post I wrote yesterday I talked about writing down goals for 2 weeks and seeing what occurs most often. This is one method and I am sure there are many others to figure out what matters most to you.

Overall, I do not have many, if any, personal goals as I am quite set overall on that front. Most, if not all, of my goals seem to revolve around online business. When looking at goals we need to think big, but not super huge, because everything we list we should be able to achieve in 5 years. If you wanted to go bigger, then add a year or ten!

My first and primary goal is to help 500 people start and build a successful business online. This is a hefty goal because building an online business is not easy in any manner. For me alone it took around 3-5 years just to figure out what I needed to do and another few years to figure out how to do it correctly.

My second goal is to have 10,000 downloads of my membership script. I have been writing a membership script for a few months now and would love to achieve 10k downloads for people wanting to use my script.

My third and final goal is the big one, it is what everyone wants to achieve. $1,000,000 in gross income. Now while this goal is hefty, I have already started on it and am slowly chiseling away at the rock to get to the diamond.

Breaking Them Down

With each goal, we need to break this down to annual, monthly, weekly, and daily steps to get us there. This will make the overall lofty goal seem much easier to attain. By consistently completing the daily steps, I will be completing the monthly steps. By completing the monthly steps, I will be completing the annual steps. If I complete 5 annual steps, I have successfully achieved my 5 year goals!! Easy Peasy!

Let’s start with the 3rd goal. If I started at $0 and did some math, I know that I need to earn $200,000 a year for 5 years or $16,666.67 a month. $16k is much easier to earn than $1,000,000 right? Still a huge goal though. So how do we break this down even further, well $16k divided by 30 is $555.56 a day. Now we have a solid number per day. To achieve this I cannot just do one thing, I have talked previously about having multiple income streams both passive and active. Between investments (stocks and crypto) as well as having membership sites, I can easily achieve this. Currently Jon and I have ClickTrackProfit and ListNerds as our primary membership sites. We also have a few others in the works as well as the rebuild of CTP. So I will continue to invest consistently into Hive and Hive-Engine as well as some other choice cryptocurrencies as well as dividend earning stocks and continuing to improve the sites and products we already have.

My second goal of 10k downloads, I believe will be fairly easy to achieve. Maybe 10k isn’t enough? Only time will tell. Currently all of our new(er) sites are already running the script but there are still a few things that need to be wrapped up before I can release it to the public. And I have already garnered some interest in the script. So, in my opinion, this is more of a passive goal that I do not currently need to actively pursue, other than finishing the script and getting it out there…

And my primary goal is lofty. 500 people building a successful business online. This is tricky because each one of these people will define success differently. But, Jon and I are currently working with a small group of people (The Inner Circle) to help them get their businesses up and running and [hopefully] consistently trying to motivate them to push forward. So far with a little bit of my help, @elianaicgomes was able to open her site that focuses on helping people with CTP, she also has plans to broaden her focus and help people with a plethora of other sites. Then we have @lisamgentile1961 who has started building a business based on time management, she has great things coming in the near future and we are all excited to see what she plans!

It takes quite a lot to build a business online, especially when you are just starting out and have no idea what you are doing. I started back in 2005 and it wasn’t until years later that I started making a real income. The only thing that I started doing differently was using the community and helping people. As soon as I started helping others out, that is when my income increased over tenfold.

You cannot expect to build a business overnight, it takes time and a strong foundation. By defining and actioning on goals, we can all improve everything we are doing!!

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