Record. Repeat. Remove.

As part of the CTP Inner Circle, we have decided to begin reading a book called Content INC. The goal of this book is to help people build a business based on content marketing where you develop and grow a community focused on a specific topic before doing the “selling”. If you look at sites like FaceBook for example, that is exactly what they did.

FaceBook built their site with the community first before they started showing ads, and it worked out really well… The author of Content INC. did this as well and turned a few million in sales in just 5 years. @jongolson and myself believe that you MUST have a 5 year plan if you want to start building a business online. Without having at least 5 years thought out with goals and key decision points along the way, most people give up within the first year.

I have seen time and time again where people come into our community with ideas of grandeur only to fizzle out and completely disappear months or weeks later. I have watched people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on the next big “thing”, only to earn pennies on their spending and blame everyone under the sun for their loss. A lot of internet based businesses get a bad rep solely because of this. I will not go into the online business scams and why they are a bad idea, I am simply talking about the sound and legal internet based businesses. If you do not know if a business is sound and legal, you must do your own research and ask around to figure it out.

Back to the title of this post, one of the key staples within the first chapter of the book is Record. Repeat. Remove. All of these topics Jon and I have covered ad nauseam, but I wanted to over them a little more in detail because I haven’t written a post in quite some time and @elianaicgomes has inspired me to write something today!


This is nothing more than documenting or writing down your goals or desires with your business, your personal life, or what have you. If you do not have identifiable and quantifiable goals defined, you are seriously destined to fail no matter what you do. (Unless your plan is to skate through life and just see what happens, but I doubt that because you are here reading this). When you are recording your initial goals and desires, they should be huge. They should be things to be accomplished in 5-10 years. This way we can work backwards and figure out the steps we need to complete along the way. For example a goal may be to build a membership site with 10k members. This is a great goal to have and we can easily break that down to say we need to achieve 2k members a year for 5 years, which can be broken down even further by getting 166 new members a month for 5 years or simplified even further ~5 new members a day. 5 a day seems a lot more attainable than 166 a month, or at least I think so at least.

Now we have a daily goal of 5 new members, we can start defining exactly what it will take each day to achieve these 5. In time we will get better and be able to refine our process to achieve this goal.

Jon and I have talked about the guinea pig challenge before where you write down 10 goals a day for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks you see which goals occur the most, this will help you narrow down your goals to 3-5 that you can achieve in your 5 year plan. In order for this to work, you cannot look at the previously written goals each day. It is usually best to write down your goals first thing in the morning so you don’t forget to do it throughout the day.


When we stay consistent and repeat the actions we know that we need to do to complete our daily goals which will in turn complete our long term goals, we can easily achieve success. As we repeat, we also build daily habits. On average it takes 66 days for a habit to be formed. 66 days is longer than some people try to build an online business… Just Saying.


For the previous steps to work, we must remove the junk that is in our way. This could be anything from a bad habit or doing the old tried and true “I can do this myself” mentality. When we are building a business online, we cannot be an expert at everything. It takes over 10,000 hours to master and become and expert at something, sometimes longer. If I want to be a good writer, I should not focus my time on designing graphics. I need to learn how to let someone else do it (Big shout out to Fiverr). We cannot do everything ourselves, we must learn to delegate and outsource.

The biggest thing that needs to be removed are those pesky bad habits. We know what they are, although we do not talk about them. At the end of the day we feel like we will never have enough time to complete our goals because there just is not enough time in the day. When realistically we spent 2 hours chatting in discord or telegram. The latest episode of my favorite show came out today, so I MUST watch it. If I do not check FaceBook, I will not know what everyone is doing. Candy Crush requires me to login daily to get the rewards. Do you see where I am going? Those 10-15 minutes here and there really do add up every single day. Heck even I waste time throughout the day. This is something we can all improve upon. All we have to do is remove the junk!

There is no real meaning to this post other than me trying to get my thoughts out there so I do not forget about them on Wednesday during our Mastermind group with the CTP Inner Circle. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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