The INDEX Giveaway

I wanted to do something simple to giveaway some INDEX, so I have come up with a simple plan!

But first, if you do not know what INDEX is, please check out our website at The Hive-Engine Index or HEINDEX, uses the INDEX token. What @jongolson and myself have done is created a system that purchases tokens within the index for every INDEX token sold. This account, @he-index, holds all of these tokens and gives out rewards daily to all of its token holders based on the percentage of INDEX they own.

Every single INDEX token is 100% backed by the tokens is represents. This means that when you buy 1 INDEX token, you are essentially purchasing portions of multiple other tokens within the INDEX itself. As we grow the INDEX, we continue to add Hive-Engine tokens to the list to help grow the list, which will, in turn, earn holders more rewards as each day passes.

The big thing happening right now is VOUCHER tokens air drop. The INDEX is earning 22-23 VOUCHER every day and distributing them out to INDEX holders. Which for me means that I am earning more VOUCHER with INDEX than I am through Splinterlands. I call that a win-win!!

Now, onto the giveaway….

The rules are simple and the giveaway is easy. The next 100 people that purchase at least 1 INDEX token will be put in a drawing to win 100 INDEX. Right now INDEX is less than 1 HIVE, so if you were to purchase 1 INDEX, you could essentially 100x your purchase!!!

I will keep track of all purchases from the time this post is put out until we have reached 100 different accounts making a purchase of at least 1 token. Then I will announce the winner on Thursday during our webinar, which you can watch at 7PM EST on VIMM at

To sum it up:

  • 100 INDEX giveaway
  • Make a purchase of at least 1 INDEX to qualify

Good luck and we will see you on Thursday!

If you have any questions or need any help with INDEX, HivePay, or any of our projects, reach out to us on Discord or Telegram

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