Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I wanted to announce the winner of the 100 INDEX giveaway as @diebassman! Congratulations! The winner was announced on Thursday during our live show, which can be found on Vimm. We absolutely love doing giveaways, so @jongolson decided to give away even more INDEX to a second winner @darmst5339!

In honor of giveaways, I think that I am going to do another INDEX giveaway, but this time we will double it!! So in order to qualify, you just need to purchase 2 INDEX to be qualified to win 200 INDEX!!

Purchase 2, win 200!! You just need to make the purchase anytime after this post is published and anytime before our live show next Thursday the 28th of Oct at 7PM EST.

Thank you again for all those that participated in the contest and thank you for everyone that will participate in this one!!

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